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ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2014 pdf free download.Exit Devices.I’m not sure whether the content of BHMA A156.3 2014 pdf is complete. The resource is shared by a netizen.
1.1 BHMA A156.3 2014 establishes requirements for exit devices and trim, automatic and self-latching flush bolts, removable mullions, coordinators, and carry-open bars. Performance criteria include cycle, operational, strength, material evaluation, and finish tests. Functions and types are described and numbered.
1.2 Tests described in this standard are performed under laboratory conditions. In actual usage, results vary because of installation, maintenance and environmental conditions.
2.1 All products certified to this standard shall be listed or labeled by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and be subject to periodic examination service.
2.2 Exit devices are available in Grades 1, 2, and 3 with grade 1 being the highest grade. All are suitable for all classes of buildings and are based on the performance tests listed. A Grade I exit device shall be furnished with all Grade I trim and cylinders, when supplied, in order to retain an overall Grade I rating. A Grade 2 exit device shall be furnished with grade 2, or higher, trim and cylinder in order to retain an overall Grade 2 rating: and similarly for Grade 3 rating.
2.3 Door coordinators Type 21 A are available in Grade I and 2. Door coordinators Type 21 B are available in Grade 2. Both Grades are suitable for all classes of buildings and are based on performance tests listed.
2.4 Carry-open bars are available in Grades 1 and 2. Both are suitable for all classes of buildings and are based on the performance test listed. When coordinators are installed with carry-open bars, the Grade of the combination is the lower Grade of either component.
2.5 All exit devices shall meet the requirements and performance tests found in Underwriters Laboratories. Inc. Standard UL305 Panic Hardware — 2012.
2.6 The cycling requirements listed shall not be considered as being in addition to those required by UL305 but comprise the total required.
2.7 Values Required values in this Standard are given in US units. The SI (metric) equivalents are approximate. All values which do not carry specific tolerances or are not marked maximum or minimum shall have the following tolerances: Linear dimensions shall be ± 1/16 in (1.6 mm). Pounds or pound force shall be ± 5%. Angular measurements shall be ± 4 degrees. Voltage measurements shall be ± 5 percent. Temperature measurements shall be ± 4 degrees F (±2 degrees C).
2.8 For testing, other mechanisms are permitted to he used in lieu of cylinders providing the test performance is equivalent to that of a cylinder.ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2014 pdf download here.

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