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BHMA A250.13-2003 pdf free download.Testing and Rating of Severe Windstorm Resistant Components for Swinging Door Assemblies.
I’m not sure whether the content of this standard is complete. The resource is shared by a netizen. Here is a brief introduction to the standard.
1.1 BHMA A250.13-2003 provides procedures for testing and establishing load ratings (design load in pounds per square foot or pounds force) for components of exterior swinging door assemblies for purposes of protection of openings during severe windstorm conditions, such as a hurricane, that produces sustained wind speeds or gusts in a range of 110 to 150 miles per hour as defined by ASCE 7-02. It is not intended to simulate wind forces generated by tornadoes.
1.2 The procedures cover all components normally assembled to form an exterior swinging door system. This includes door frames, hardware mullions, thresholds, frame anchorage, hinges, locksets, latches and bolts, doors, sidelights and transoms and glazing systems. This procedure applies to both single swing and pair assemblies and also includes procedures for testing and rating components for both in-swing and out-swing installations.
1.3 The evaluations required by this standard are based on the structural performance tests specified in ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996 and ASTM E330.
1.4 Evaluations under this procedure are designed to determine the ability of exterior doors to remain closed under conditions present in severe windstorms, including high, fluctuating wind speeds and the presence of wind-born debris. Assemblies meeting these requirements are less likely to open during a storm, preventing potentially large pressure differentials which may cause or contribute to major structural damage. This procedure does not consider it necessary for the door assembly to be capable of preventing water intrusion as a result of severe windstorm exposure conditions.
3 General
3.1 Units of Measurement
3.1.1 When a value for measurement is followed by a value in other units in parentheses, the second value is only approximate. The first stated value is the requirement. The primary units are Inch-Pound. Appendix B contains a table of conversion factors for the units used in this standard.
3.1.2 Where load ratings are to be applied in units of pounds per square foot (PSF), these values shall be expressed in 5-pound- per-square-foot increments. For components that are rated in terms of pounds force, values shall be expressed in 10-pound increments. All rated values shall be determined by rounding down from values derived from tests.
4 Overview
4.1 The procedures in this document are designed to evaluate each critical component used in a swinging door assembly for the component’s ability to perform its intended function. The evaluation is conducted under the conditions of stress and loading the component would be subjected to in the testing of a complete assembly under the assembly test methods commonly specified for severe windstorm resistance.
4.2 The tests and evaluations required by this procedure include both the application of engineering safety factors and worst-case analysis to ensure that component substitutions in field assemblies will perform to the minimum levels expected.

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