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BS EN 54-18-2005 pdf download.Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 18 Input / output devices.
In order to comply with this European Standard, the input/output devices shall meet the requirements of this clause, which shall be verified by inspection and engineering assessment, shall be tested as described in Clause 5 and shall meet the requirements of the tests. For input/output devices integrated into another device, which is already covered by an existing European Standard, the environmental conditioning shall be performed in accordance with that European Standard, with the addition of the functional tests before, during and/or after conditioning, as required in this European Standard.
In some detector standards/specifications, the dry heat (operational) test is conducted in special test equipment (e.g. in the heat tunnel for heat detectors). The required functional testing of the integrated input/output device before, during and after the dry heat conditioning may be done in this equipment, if this is possible without disrupting the detector measurements. Otherwise, a separate dry heat test, with the same conditioning, shall be conducted. For heat detectors, the test temperature is the maximum application temperature.
4.2 Monitoring of detachable devices
If an inputfoutput device is detachable (i.e. it is attached to a detachable mounting base), then a means shall be provided for a remote monitoring system (e.g. the control and indicating equipment) to detect the removal of the device from the base, in order to give a fault signal.
4.3 Marking and data
4.3.1 Marking
Each input/output device shall be cleaily marked with the following information:
a) number and date of this European Standard (i.e. EN 54-18:2005);
b) name or trademark of the manufacturer or supplier;
c) model designation (type or number);
d) wiring terminal designations;
e) some mark(s) or code(s) (e.g. a serial number or batch code), by which the manufacturer can identify. at least, the date or batch and place of manufacture, and the version number(s) of any software, contained within the device.
For detachable devices, the head shall be marked with a). b) and d). and the base shall be marked with at least b) (i.e. its own model designation) and c).
Where any marking on the device uses symbols or abbreviations not in common use then these shall be explained In the data supplied with the device.
The marking shall be visible during installation and shall be accessible during maintenance. The markings shall not be placed on screws or other easily removable parts.
NOTE Where ZA.3 covers the same information as required by this subclause, the requirements of this subclause are met.
4.3.2 Data
lnputloutput devices shall be supplied with sufficient technical, installation and maintenance data to ensure their correct installation and operation. These data shall include the parameters necessary to define the input andlor output functions (e.g. output voltage and current ratings. alarm and fault trip levels, logic levels), If all of these data are not supplied with each device, then reference to the appropriate data sheet(s) shall be given on. or with, each device. To enable correct operation of the input/output device, these data shall describe the requirements for the correct processing of the signals from the device. This can be in the form of a full technical specification of these signals. a reference to the appropnate signalling protocol or a reference to suitable types of control and indicating equipment etc.
4.4 Documentation
The manufacturer shall prepare and provide design documentation (e.g. drawings, parts lists, block diagrams,
circuit diagrams). Where appropriate, this shall include documentation of the signal processing principle.
4.5 Requirements for software controlled devices
4.5.1 General The manufacturer shall prepare documentation which gives an overview of the software design. This shall be submitted to the testing authority together with the input/output devices. This documentation shall be In sufficient detail for the design to be inspected for compliance with this European Standard and shall include at least the following:
a) a functional description of the main program flow (e.g. as a flow diagram or structogram) including:
1) a brief description of the modules and the functions that they perform;
2) the way in which the modules interact;
3) the overall hierarchy of the program:
4) the way in which the software interacts with the hardware of the device;
5) the way in which the modules are called, including any interrupt processing:
b) a description of which areas of memory are used for the various purposes (e.g. the program, site specific data and running data):
c) a designation, by which the software and its version can be uniquely identified. The manufacturer shall also prepare detailed design documentation, which only needs to be provided if required by the testing authority, It shall comprise at least the following:
a) an overview of the whole system configuration, including all software and hardware components:
b) a description of each module of the program, containing at least:
1) the name of the module;
2) a description of the tasks performed;
3) a description of the interfaces, including the type of data transter, the vaiid data range and the checking for valid data;
C) full source code listings, as hard copy or in machine-readable form (e.g. ASCII-code), including all global and local variables, constants and labels used, and sufficient comment for the program flow to be recognized;
d) details of any software tools used in the design and implementation phase (e.g. CASE-tools, compilers etc.).
4.5.3 Software design.BS EN 54-18-2005 pdf download.

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