ISO 30408:2019 Guidelines on human governance

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AS ISO 30408:2019 pdf download.Human resource management——Guidelines on human governance.
5 Roles, responsibilities, commitment and accountability
5.1 General
Effective human governance requires coordination, commitment and engagement at all levels of the organization. The highest level of commitment is demonstrated through integration with both business strategy planning and implementation. The guidelines in 5.2 to 5.4 provide critical roles and responsibilities within the management structure of traditional larger organizations. In organizations where the structure does not include management layers of this type, the guidelines apply to those who have ultimate decision-making responsibility.
5.2 The board
The board should:
— understand the role of the people within an organization in delivering value to organizational stakeholders;
— make a formal commitment to promote effective human governance;
— be accountable for managing the human governance system;
— monitor status updates on effective human governance and take appropriate actions.
NOTE The board is made up of elected or appointed individuals who are collectively responsible for the
governance of the organization, making key strategic decisions and setting strategic policy.
5.3 Top management
Top management should:
a) define its roles and responsibilities for effective human governance;
b) encourage active participation of people at all levels;
c) commit to and review the organization’s mission, vision and value statement that underpins effective human governance;
d) identify and agree on key performance indicators to be delivered by the organization’s human resources;
e) regularly review results of effective human governance by examining the reporting templates for human governance;
f) develop a plan and reporting procedures to address deficiencies in the case of significant deviations;
g) enhance collaboration among stakeholders involved with human governance principles.
NOTE Top management refers to the person, or group of people, that directs, controls and makes decisions at the highest level.
5.4 Operational management
5.4.1 Operational management functions should:
a) understand the roles and responsibilities of operational management for delivering human governance principles to stakeholders;
b) participate in defining the objectives and metrics that contribute to effective human governance;
c) integrate human governance principles and initiatives in performance objectives.
5.4.2 Human governance should ensure that:
a) human resource management functions and practices are aligned internally and externally in accordance with the objectives and principles of the organization;
b) implementation is managed consistently and appropriately at all levels of the organization;
c) all persons with human governance roles and responsibility understand the human governance principles to which the organization subscribes and are held accountable for those systems and processes under their control;
d) all persons with human governance roles and responsibilities meet the organization’s criteria to ensure that they are competent and can fulfil their roles.
5.4.3 Although responsibility for the operation of human resource management processes may be delegated to individuals who have the appropriate resources and authority, top management retains ultimate accountability for human governance.
Top management should ensure that people within the organization understand:
a) human governance principles and initiatives;
b) the roles and responsibilities needed to comply with human governance initiatives.
Top management should ensure that the organization understands and appropriately monitors applicable stakeholder participation, recognizing that this is an integral part of the modern work environment.
Top management should retain human governance strategies and outcomes as documented information.
6 Aligning human governance with organizational needs
6.1 General
The following process enables an organization to strengthen its long-term value while enhancing its perceived brand image.
The organization should:
a) determine how all human resource management functions, practices and processes bring value to the organization;
b) identify goals and success measures within each function, practice and process;
c) assess and align the functions, practices and processes with business or organizational goals;
d) design a format for communicating and reporting the effectiveness of human governance.
NOTE Annex A provides examples of reporting templates.AS ISO 30408 pdf download.

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