AS NZS 60335.2.52:2018

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AS NZS 60335.2.52:2018 pdf download.Household and similar electrical appliances—Safety
Part 2.52: Particular requirements for oral hygiene appliances.
2 Normative references
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows. Addition: IEC 60584-1, Thermocouples — Part 1: EMF specifications and tolerances
3 Definitions
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
3.1.9 Replacement:
normal operation operation of the appliance under the following conditions Oral irrigators are operated with the reservoir filled with water having a temperature of approximately 45 °C, to the level specified in the instructions. In the absence of such instructions, the reservoir is filled to the maximum level.
4 General requirement This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
5 General conditions for the tests This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
6 Classification This clause of Part us applicable except as follows.
6.1 Modification: Appliances shall be class II or class Ill.
6.2 Addition: Class II appliances shall be at least IPX7 except that parts intended to be fixed, and transformers with pins for insertion into socket-outlets, shall be at least IPX4. Class Ill appliances shall be at least IPX4. However, if the rated voltage does not exceed 24 V, they may be IPXO.
7 Marking and instructions This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
7.12.1 Addition: The installation instructions shall state that parts that have to be fixed must be fixed so that they cannot fall into water, unless they are of IPX7 construction.
8 Protection against access to live parts This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
9 Starting of motor-operated appliances This clause of Part 1 is not applicable.
10 Power input and current This clause of Part 1 is applicable.
11 Heating This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
11.3 Addition: Where the external accessible surfaces are suitably flat and access permits, then the test probe of Figure 101 is used to measure the temperature rises of external accessible surfaces specified in Table 101. The probe is applied with a force of 4 N土1 N to the surface in such a way that the best possible contact between the probe and the surface is ensured. The measurement is performed after a contact period of 30 s. The probe may be held in place using a laboratory stand clamp or similar device. Any measuring instrument giving the same results as the probe may be used.
11.7 Replacement: Appliances are operated for five cycles, each cycle comprising an operating period of 3 min and a rest period of 1 min. During the rest period, the reservoir of oral irrigators is refilled. NOTE 101 If the reservoir empties during the operating period, it is refilled and the test is continued.
19 Abnormal operation
This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows.
19.1 Addition:
Class II oral irrigators are also subjected to the test of 19.101.
19.2 Addition:
The test is carried out without water in the reservoir.
19.101 The hose is punctured within the enclosure of the appliance at the most unfavourable location. Rubber hoses are punctured by means of a 0,8 mm diameter needle. Thermoplastic hoses are punctured by means of a 0,5 mm diameter heated needle, care being taken not to enlarge the hole.
NOTE When reassembling the appliance, sealants such as silicone rubber may be used to insure that the joints are watertight.
The appliance is operated as specified in Clause 11, but with water containing 1 % Na Cl. During the last cycle of operation, the water pressure in the hose is increased to the maximum obtainable by blocking the water outlet. The pressure is then reduced to its normal value.
A vessel of insulating material is filled with the saline solution and the hand-held part of the appliance is immersed to a depth of approximately 100 mm. The appliance is operated without restricting the water flow until 30 s after the reservoir has emptied. During the test, the leakage current is measured, as specified in 13.2. It is measured between any pole of the supply and a rectangular stainless steel electrode, having dimensions approximately 250 mm x 50 mm, placed in the solution.AS NZS 60335.2.52 pdf download.

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