Antenna Design for Narrowband IoT Design, Analysis, and Applications pdf download

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The importance of Antenna Design for Narrowband loT(NBloT):Design,Analysis,and Applications is well known in various engineering fields.Overwhelmingresponse to our books on various subjects inspired us to write this book.The majorexpansions of antenna application areas,mainly in wireless communications.Alongwith technology advances has come public awareness of the presence and importanceof antennas.Base station antennas are now visible in all urban and rural areas.Wireless telephones such as smart phones have put antennas into the consumer’s hand.Personal and fleet vehicles have many wireless features such as satellite navigation(e.g.,GPS),satellite and broadcast radio,cellular telephone,remote keyless entry,wireless toll tags,remote tire pressure monitoring,and many more.
This book focuses on recent advances in the field of microstrip antenna design and its narrow band applications in various fields including space communication,mobile communication,wireless communication,medical implants,and wearableapplications.Scholars as well as researchers and those in the electronics/electrical/instrumentation engineering fields will benefit from this book.The book shall providethe necessary literature and techniques using which to assist students and researcherswould design antennas for the above-mentioned applications and will ultimatelyenable users to take measurements in different environments.It is intended to helpscholars and researchers in their studies,by enhancing their the knowledge and skillsin on the latest applications of microstrip antennas for narrow band applications inthe world of communications such as world like IoT,D2D,satellites and wearabledevices,to name a few.

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