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Composites Science,Technology,and Engineering
Understand critical principles of composites,such as design of durable structures,choice of fibre,matrix,manufacturing process,and mechanics with this interdisciplin-ary text.The book features up-to-date coverage of hybrids of fibres and particles andexplanation of failure criteria,and includes a comprehensive discussion on choice offibres,matrices,manufacturing technology,and micromechanics for durable compos-ite structures.It provides the structure and properties of reinforcing fibres,particulates,and matrices together with a discussion of fracture mechanics.This is an essentialguide for scientists and engineers wishing to discover the benefits of compositematerials for designing strong and durable structures.
Frank R.Jones was Emeritus Professor of Polymers and Composites at the Universityof Sheffield.
Attention: There are several missing pages in the front.

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