Green Communication Technologies for Future Networks An Energy-Efficient Perspective pdf download

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This book explores all the energy-efficient communication technologies used forvarious communication systems and every aspect of these systems,such as greenelectronics,network protocols,handover,codes,antenna,and the role of artificialintelligence and IoT,including the energy management strategies.It identifies thedevelopment of sustainable plans and programs at the communication level within thecurrent legislative framework.
Gives a fundamental description of the green communications including
granularities of green wired and wireless systems.
Describes a comprehensive review of innovations,challenges,and opportun-
ities for green communication.
Provides guiding principles on how to build the green communication network.
Includes a holistic view of both wireless and wired green communication
systems with an emphasis on applications and challenges in each area.
Suggests various ways of benchmarking and measuring the performance of
green communication systems.
This book will be of great interest to graduate students and researchers in greentechnologies,communications,wireless communication,optical communication,underwater communication,microwave and satellite communication,networking,theinternet of things,and energy management.

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