AS 18626:2015 Information and documentation – Interlibrary Loan Transactions

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AS NZS ISO 18626:2015 pdf download.Information and documentation——Interlibrary Loan Transactions.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 agency library, library-related organization, or other agency such as an archive or a museum, or a commercial document supplier
3.2 library organization, or part of an organization, the main aim of which is to maintain a collection and to facilitate by services of a staff, the use of such documents as are required to meet the informational, research, educational, or recreational needs of its users
3.3 requesting agency agency which can send requests for library items and receive them from the supplying agency
3.4 supplying agency agency which receives requests for library items and delivers them to the requesting agency
3.5 library-related organization institution, company, consortium, or other organization which handles ILL requests and/or receives requested library items on behalf of one or more libraries
3.6 library items books, journals, articles, music, etc, or copies of these in physical or digital format
4 Messages
4.1 General This International Standard specifies three messages and responses to them for handling interlibrary loan transactions: 一Request and Request Confirmation; 一Supplying Agency Message and Supplying Agency Message Confirmation; 一Requesting Agency Message and Requesting Agency Message Confirmation.
For Request, Supplying Agency Message, and Requesting Agency Message, a confirmation message is sent immediately (see 4.3, 4.5, and 4.7). The Request Confirmation message is not a positive or negative response to the Request; it indicates only that the Request message has been received. If the Request message contains problems, the Request Confirmation message shall include Error Data (see 4.10).
The following are the codes used in the tables:
— R: Repeatable;
— M: Mandatory;
— CT: Complex Type;
— OC: Open Code List (i.e. Scheme Value Pair);
— CC: Closed Code List (i.e. the code list is part of the ILL standard);
— SC: Standard Code List.
Open Code lists are predefined schemes, consisting of an enumerated list of possible values for a given data element that should be supported by applications conformant with this International Standard. The Open Code lists of values are not comprehensive and implementer groups can develop additional schemes for these enumerated types to cover their implementation requirements. Thus, an application can choose to support additional schemes for one or more Open Code lists. Core lists of values to be supported by all implementations are defined in Annex B.
Standard Code Lists are based on code lists published in International Standards or other normative documents.
New schemes and values can be added to the Open Code List as described in Annex B. Complex Types are listed and defined in 4.8.
Closed Code Lists (see 49) are a normative part of this International Standard and shall be supported by applications conformant with this International Standard. They are similar to Open Code Lists, except that Closed Code lists of values are expected to be relatively comprehensive and stable. Therefore, no online version of these lists shall be made available. However, new Closed Code scheme elements and code values can be added to the future versions of this International Standard.
Date and time shall always be provided in the format of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ, as specified by ISO 8601. When time is not significant, e.g. when a due date is given, use 23:59:59Z to indicate the time.For example: 2013-05-15T23:59:59Z.
4.4 Supplying Agency Message
Supplying Agency Message is a message sent from the supplying library to the requesting library. The message could be in response to a request or a message from the requesting library or a message initiated by the supplying library. In all these cases, the same message is used.
The message contains the following groups of data elements:
— Header: Administrative information;
— Messagelnfo: Responses and notes;
— Statuslnfo: Current status, i.e. status after any changes because of the message being sent;
— Deliverylnfo: In formation about shipped item;
— Returnlnfo: If the Supplier asks the requesting library to return the item to another address.
AS NZS ISO 18626 pdf download.

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