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EN 1542-1999 pdf download.PrOdUCtS and systems for the prnteclion and npair of concrete stnict — Test methods — Measurement of bond strength by pull-off.
2 Normative references
This European Sirnidanl incorporates by dated or iwdated reference, provisions from other J)ubheations.
These flonflatife ITfeITiWes arc (‘lied at the
appn)pflate places in the text uid the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references, subsequent anlen(tnwnt.s to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the intest edition of the pul)hcatlon referred to applies.
EN 196.1, Methods of testing cement — lint I: Th’frrn. i,wtkm of strength.
EN 1504, Thrxhwts and .cystenis for Ihi’ prrifrrlion and repair of concrete structures — Lk’finthons, ,Wuire,nP7sts, quality coiitn and evaluation qf cmform hg.
EN 24624:1992, Paints and varnishes — Pull -qff test (ISO 4624:1978).
prEN 1766, Prrxhwts and ss1enis for tin’ rntection an(t repair of concrete structures — Test methods — Rlfrreiwe co,ic,vtes Jar testing.
ISo r114: 1976., $‘ta,,thrrrl at mi s1u’res 1?,r conditioninq and/or testing — Sper(fwalkms.
3 Principle
This Standard describes a method for measu ng the tensile bond strength of repair products and systems applied to standard reference concrete specinww prepared according to prEN 1766. The method of test is by (bred (buy 1)1111-Off isng a dolly bonded to the surface of the repair product or system, with the test area having been defined by coring through the surface.
4 Equipment
4.1 Mortar mLrer in accordance with EN 196-I or concrete mixer, (forced action pan mixer).
4.2 (‘ampuction tools and equipment, for repair gluuts, mortars arid concretes according to EN 196-1.
The compaction method shall be in accordance with the mainifauturer’s instrlwtions.
4.3 Standard labaraton, dinwte in accordance with the requirements of annex A.
4.4 MüuhLc, for producing a unifonn thickness of repair product or systems on top of the reference concrete specunen, made from non-absorbent, ngid niaterial. nut attacked by cement paste or polymers, into which tlw reference concrete specimen shall be placed (see FIgure 2).
4.5 1’rnier (YJlipr’Th, accurate tim nut less than 0,1 mm.
4.6 Rapid barrleninq two conqxmeul epo.z:q cuihesice, or siniilar, as recomnwnde(t by the nmanufactiu’er.
4.7 Cüruk,r ddJij’s, with a diameter of (50 ± 0,5) mimi and with a thickness of at least 20 nun if made of steel, or sii1i a thickness of a.t least :30 mm if made of alunüniuni. On the side to which the adllwslve Is to be applied, the dolly shall be flat with a tolerance of 0,1 nun per 50 mm length.
The dollies shall be provided with a means for attaching the pull-off test equipment (see 4.11) that ensures the load can be applied nonnal to 11w surface tiNier Lest, without bending or shear forces being apI)lle(I to the test area.
The niethod used for attaching the dolly to the pull-otT test equi)nwnt shall nonually incorporate a sphenral seat, or otherwise the spherical seat shall be witithi the pull-off test equipment, to ensure the requiremenis of this sulxiause can be mel
4.8 Grinding equipment, for cleaning ailliesive from the used dollies.
4.9 Sled wiw brush an(l s bri.sllcvi brush.
4.10 Via inwid cmv drill and barrel, that enable the dnlhng of a (50 ± 1.0) nun cylinder through the repair product and system. The core barrel should have a cutting edge that stands proud of the cylinder by (1,5 ± 0,5) nun (to reduce lateral forces bring applied to the test area).
4.11 Pull off lest equipnu’nl, complying iUi EN 24624 witli a pulling capacity sufficient to cause tensile bond failure of the qwcimen. The accuracy shall be wIthin ±2%. (A capacity of 10 kN is sufficient for must applications). The imull-off eqinpmnent shall be capable of applying the load according to 3.1 of EN 24624:1902 anil shall he provided with a measurement (levi that displays 11w exerted force by an auialogue or digital system. The nieasiiflflieni device shall retain the reading of maximum force exerted.
4.12 Concrete test sp.rim’ns, of (hnwnsaon ;*) mm x 100 mm x 100 mm. with a niaximmim aggregate size of 8 mm or to mm and prepared with a grit-blasted surface, according to prEN 1766. 11w stnngth griwle shall 1w in accordance with EN 1504 series.EN 1542-1999 pdf download.

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