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EN 152-1:1988 pdf download,Test methods for wood preservatives;Laboratory method for determining the preventive effectivenessof a preservative treatment against blue stain in service Part 1:Brushing procedure.
The test method described in this European Standard is a laboratory method combined with natural weathering,which provides a basis for assessment of the effectiveness of a wood preservative in preventing the development of blue staining fungi in wood in service where disfigurement may be considered important,such as external decorative timber and joinery.The method permits the determinationof the effectiveness of undiluted preservatives applied by superficial treatments such as brushing (1).
The method may also be used to test preparations in which the proportions of the individual components have been varied and so establish for the active ingredients the limit of their effectiveness.
The method is only suitable for testing preparations which are intended to prevent the occurrence of blue staining fungi in wood inservice.It is not suitable for assessing the temporary preventive effectiveness of anti-stain preservatives on roundwood or on freshly cut wood.The method does not permit the determination of the fungicidal properties of the surface coating applied to the wood
after the priming coat.

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