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EN 54-5-2017 pdf download.Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Part 5 : Heat detectors – Point heat detectors.
6.2.1 General
All performances related to characteristics included in this standard shall be determined when the manufacturer intends to declare the respective performances unless the standard gives provisions for declaring them without performing tests. (e.g. use of previously existing data, CWFT and conventionally accepted performance).
Assessment previously performed in accordance with the provisions of this standard, may be taken into account provided that they were made to the same or a more rigorous test method, under the same AVCP system on the same product or products of similar design, construction and functionality, such that the results are applicable to the product in question.
NOTE 1 Same AVCP system means testing by an independent third party under the responsibility of a notified product certification body.
For the purpose of assessment manufacturer’s products may be grouped into families where it is considered that the results for one or more characteristics from any one product within the family are representative for that same characteristics for all products within that same family NOTE 2 Products may be grouped in dilferent families for diuferent characteristics.
Reference to the assessment method standards should be made to allow the selection of a suitable representative sample.
In addition, the determination of the product type shall be performed for all characteristics included in the standard for which the manufacturer declares the performance:
— at the beginning of the production of a new or modified point heat detector (unless a member of the same product range), or
— at the beginning of a new or modified method of production (where this may affect the stated properties).
They shall be repeated for the appropriate characteristic(s), whenever a change occurs in the point heat detector design, in the raw material or in the supplier of the components, or in the method of production (subject to the definition of a family), which would affect significantly one or more of the characteristics.
Where components are used whose characteristics have already been determined, by the component manufacturer, on the basis of assessment methods of other product standards, these characteristics need not be re-assessed. The specifications of these components shall be documented. Manufacturing
All equipment used in the manufacturing process shall be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure use, wear or failure does not cause inconsistency in the manufacturing process. Inspections and maintenance shall be carried out and recorded in accordance with the manufacturer’s written procedures and the records retained for the period defined in the manufacturer’s FPC procedures, Raw materials and components
The specifications of all incoming raw materials and components shall be documented, as shall the inspection scheme for ensuring their compliance. In case supplied kit components are used, the constancy of performance system of the component shall be that given in the appropriate harmonized technical specification for that component. Traceability and marking
Individual products shall be identifiable and traceable with regard to their production origin. The manufacturer shall have written procedures ensuring that processes related to affixing traceability codes and/or markings are inspected regularly. Controls during manufacturing process
The manufacturer shall plan and carry out production under controlled conditions. Product testing and evaluation
The manufacturer shall establish procedures to ensure that the declared performance ot the characteristics Is maintained. The characteristics, and the means of control, are indicated in Clauses 4 and 5. Non-complying products
The manufacturer shall have written procedures which specify how non complying products shall be dealt with. Any such events shall be recorded as they occur and these records shall be kept for the period defined in the manufacturer’s written procedures.
Where the product fails to satisfy the acceptance criteria, the provisions for non-complying products shall apply, the necessary corrective action(s) shall immediately be taken and the products or batches not complying shall be isolated and properly identified.
Once the fault has been corrected, the test or verification in question shall be repeated.EN 54-5-2017 pdf download.

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