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IEC 60034-6:1991 pdf download.Rotating electrical machines – Part 6: Methods of cooling (IC Code).
IEC 60034-6:1991 identifies the circuit arrangements and the methods of movement of the coolant in rotating electrical machines, classifies the methods of cooling and gives a designation system for them.
The designation of the method of cooling consists of the letters”IC”, followed by numerals and letters representing the circuit arrangement, the coolant and the method of movement of the coolant.
A complete designation and a simplified designation are defined. The complete designa tion system is intended for use mainly when the simplified system is not applicable.
The complete designations, as well as the simplified designations, are illustrated in the tables of annex A for some of the most frequently used types of rotating machines together with sketches of particular examples.
For the purpose of this part, the following definitions apply.
2.1 cooling: A procedure by means of which heat resulting from losses occurring in a machine is given up to a primary coolant which may be continuously replaced or may itself be cooled by a secondary coolant in a heat exchanger.
2.2 coolant: A medium, liquid or gas, by means of which heat is transferred.
2.3 primary coolant: A medium, liquid or gas which, being at a lower temperature than a part of a machine and in contact with it, removes heat from that part.
NOTE – A machine may have more than one primary coolant.
2. 4 secondary coolant: A medium, liquid or gas which, being at a lower temperature than the primary coolant, removes the heat given up by this primary coolant by means of a heat exchanger or through the external surface of the machine.IEC 60034-6:1991 pdf download.

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