SS-EN 1463-1:2022 pdf download

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SS-EN 1463-1:2022 pdf download,Road marking materials-Retroreflecting road studs-Part 1:Initial performance requirements.
This document SS-EN 1463-1:2022 specifies the product characteristics,laboratory test methods,the way of expressing results and the relevant procedures for assessment and verification of the constancy of performance for retroreflecting road studs,non depressible and depressible by design (designated as Type A and B,respectively)and which reflectors are made of glass,plastic or plastic with abrasion resistance layer(designated as Type 1,2 and 3,respectively),to be used for permanent road markings,and delineation purposes,in circulation areas.
This document SS-EN 1463-1:2022 covers retroreflecting road studs (types-1,2,3-A,B)of white,yellow,amber,red andgreen colour of their reflectors.
This document SS-EN 1463-1:2022 does not cover:
-non-retroreflective road studs;
-temporary retroreflective road studs.

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