Generative AI for Cloud Solutions Architect modern AI LLMs in secure, scalable, and ethical cloud environments PDF DOWNLOAD

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Generative AI for Cloud Solutions Architect modern AI LLMs in secure, scalable, and ethical cloud environments PDF DOWNLOAD.
During the last few decades,we have seen unprecedented progress in the world of artificial intelligence(AI)and machine learning(ML)due to the rise of computing,especially cloud computing,and themassive influx of data from the digital revolution.In 2022,the subset of AI known as generative AIemerged as a significant turning point.We have surpassed an inflection point in AI and we believethis will boost incredible productivity and growth in society in the coming years.This is the field ofconversational AI powered by large language models(LLMs),a fascinating paradigm where computers learn and generate human-like text,images,audio,and video,engaging with us in increasingly interactiveand intelligent ways.The transformative potential of LLMs,epitomized by models,such as OpenAI’sGPT-based ChatGPT,marks a major shift in how we interact with technology.Generative AI modelsnow have improved accuracy and effectiveness.Use cases that were unattainable for non-technicalusers in businesses a couple of years ago are now readily implementable.Additionally,the easyavailability of open source models,which can be tailored to specific business requirements,coupledwith access to high-performance GPUs via cloud computing,has played a crucial role in propellingthe advancement of generative AI.
This chapter aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to conversational and generative AIand delve into its fundamentals and powerful capabilities.ChatGPT,a very powerful conversationalAI agent,is built on an LLM;hence,to fully understand how ChatGPT works and to learn how toimplement it in your applications or services to harness its power,it’s necessary to understand theevolution of conversational AI systems and the broader context of LLMs.

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