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IEC 60755:2017 pdf free download.The size of this pdf file is 3.29M.IEC 60755:2017,General safety requirements for residual current operated protective devices.
IEC 60775:2017(E) provides general minimum requirements, recommendations and information for the drafting of standards on residual current operated protective devices (hereinafter referred to as residual current devices, “RCDs”). It applies to any device providing residual current protection intended primarily for protection against electric shock hazard.
This first edition cancels and replaces IEC TR 60755 published in 2008 and constitutes a technical revision.
2 Normative references
IEC 60060-1, High-voltage test techniques-Part 1: General definitions and test requirements;
IEC 60060-2, High-voltage test techniques- Part 2: Measuring systems;
IEC 60068-2-30: 2005, Environmental testing-Part 2-30: Tests-Test Db Damp heat, cyclic (12 h+ 12 h cycle)
IEC 60068-3-4,Environmental testing-Part 3-4: Supporting documentation and guidance Damp heat tests;
IEC 60364 (all parts),Low-voltage electrical installations;
5.2 Rated quantities and other characteristics
5.2.1 Rated voltages Rated operational voltage
The rated operational voltage (hereafter referred to as “rated voltage ” ) of an RCD is the value of voltage, assigned by the manufacturer, to which its performance is referred. Rated insulation voltage
The rated insulation voltage of an RCD is the value of voltage, assigned by the manufacturer. to which dielectric test voltages and creepage distances are referred.
Unless otherwise stated, the rated insulation voltage is the value of the maximum rated  operational voltage of the RCD. In no case shall the maximum rated operational voltage exceed the rated insulation voltage.

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