BS/EN 16910-1-2018 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16910-1-2018 pdf download

BS/EN 16910-1-2018 pdf download.Railway applications - Rolling stock - Requirements for non-destructive testing on running gear in railway maintenance Part 1: Wheelsets. 4.1 General NDT personnel shall have knowledge and skills relevant to the component to which...
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BS/EN 16729-3-2018 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16729-3-2018 pdf download

BS/EN 16729-3-2018 pdf download.Railway applications - Infrastructure - Nondestructive testing on rails in track Part 3: Requirements for identifying internal and surface rail defects. This part of this BS/EN 16729 specifies the NDT methods used to detect...
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BS/EN 16727-1-2018 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16727-1-2018 pdf download

BS/EN 16727-1-2018 pdf download.Railway applications - Track - Noise barriers and related devices acting on airborne sound propagation - Non-acoustic performance Part 1: Mechanical performance under static loadings — Calculation and test method. Additionally influences according to...
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BS/EN 13231-5-2018 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 13231-5-2018 pdf download

BS/EN 13231-5-2018 pdf download.Railway applications - Track - Acceptance of works Part 5: Procedures for rail reprofihing in plain line,switches, crossings and expansion devices. life span, which makes it more economic to maintain them in an appropriate...
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BS/EN 13674-4-2019 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 13674-4-2019 pdf download

BS/EN 13674-4-2019 pdf download.Railway applications - Track - Rail Part 4: Vignole railway rails from 27 kg/rn to, but excluding 46 kg/m. 7.4.2 Hot stamping In addition to the branding requirements of 7.4.1 each rail shall be...
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BS/EN 16186-4-2019 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 16186-4-2019 pdf download

BS/EN 16186-4-2019 pdf download.Railway applications - Driver's cab Part 4 : Layout and access. — for other areas such as ceilings, side walls and doors, the gloss shall be not more than 50 GIJ; — in case...
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BS/EN 17397-1-2020 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 17397-1-2020 pdf download

BS/EN 17397-1-2020 pdf download.Railway applications - Rail defects-Part 1 : Rail defect management. 3.8 rail surface defect defect which initiates on any of the surfaces of the rail 3.9 rail head surface defect defect which initiates on...
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BS/EN 15328-2020 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 15328-2020 pdf download

BS/EN 15328-2020 pdf download.Railway applications - - Brake pads. During continuous brake applications, after 10 s the instantaneous coefficient of fnction shall stay inside the band defined by Pmin = 0,250 and Pmax 0,500. After 2 minutes...
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BS/EN 13260-2020 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 13260-2020 pdf download

BS/EN 13260-2020 pdf download.Railway applications-Wheelsets and bogies - Wheelsets Product requirements. Note 1 to clause: Category 1 is generally selected when the traffic speed is greater than 200 km/h. The wheelset is then composed of wheels and...
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BS/EN 50641-2020 pdf download BS Standards

BS/EN 50641-2020 pdf download

BS/EN 50641-2020 pdf download.Railway applications — Fixed installations — Requirements for the validation of simulation tools used for the design of electric traction power supply systems. document are only intended for use in the design of the...
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