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BS 7803:1995 pdf download.Guide to insulators of ceramic material or glass for overhead-lines with a nominal voltage greater then 1000 V, puncture testing.(IEC 61211:1994)
A power frequency puncture test on insulators in oil was specified in IEC 383: Insulators for overhead lines with a nominal voltage above 1 000 V. An impulse overvoltage test is given as an alternative, without specification of method or acceptance criteria. Sub-committee 36B has considered questions related to puncture testing already for a long time. The opinions and experience of National Committees have also been requested and collated In time, interest in an impulse voltage puncture test on insulators in air has increased considerably.
This report contains a proposal for a standard impulse voltage puncture test. This test is intended to be the impulse overvoltage test given in 15.2 of IEC 383-1.
This technical report deals with puncture testing of
ceramic and glass insulator units of class B only.
tough there is little or no experience of testing
B long-rod and line-post insulators, the experience already gained with cap and pin, and pin insulators, permits their mounting arrangements and test procedures to be specified for use in future tests to gain experience.
This report may be applied also in tests on insulators of other materials(e.g. polymers and composites).However, it may be useful to consider the possible need to adjust the test procedure accordingly.
An impulse voltage puncture test on insulators in aIr ls required and applled In more and more countries, and by a growing number of users. The applied test procedures differ from each other considerably. This report is published with the object of specifying a standard procedure for impulse voltage puncture test on insulators in air so that experience with this test may be obtained on a common basis.

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