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BS EN 4855-02:2020 pdf free download.Aerospace series – ECO efficiency of catering equipment – Part2:Oven equipment.
During aircraft operations, the food preparation in the cabin is mandatory to maintain the catering on board. There exist different equipment types to heat up the prepared meals for the passengers in the cabin, On the one hand meals can be heated by usage of steam (steam ovens); on the other hand it can be heated by usage o hot and dry air (convection oven]. To meet the target to determine an energy efficiency index For aircraft oven equipment the purpose o this document is to standardize the test procedure and efficiency calculations for this equipment type.
This European standard describes a test procedure to identify performance characteristics and a weight rating of convection and steam ovens used on aircraft. Furthermore it describes the calculation procedure to determine an energy consumption index and a performance index. There is no direct correlation between the Eco efficiency and cooking performance in terms of food quality and appearance. The two index values represent the Eco efficiency.
2 Normative references
EN 4855-01, Aerospace series — ECO efficiency of catering equipment— Part 1: General conditions;
EN 60350-1, Household electric cooking appliances — Part 1: Ranges, ovens, steam ovens and grills — Methods for measuring performace;
ARINC 810, Definition of standard interfaces for galley insert (gain) equipment physical interfaces;
5 General test conditions
5.1 Measurements and calculations for oven equipment
The measurements and calculations shall bc done as follows:
a) measurement of warm-up time and electrical power during warm-up plus 4 min heating;
b) measurement of standby power;
c) weight measurement of convection and steam ovens;
d) calculation of ECI and P1.
5.2 Environmental conditions
Environmental conditions shall be according to EN 4855-01.
5.3 Power supply and voltage
Power supply and voltage shall be according to EN 48S5-O1.
5.4 Measurement equipment
Measurement equipment shall be according to EN 4855-0 1.

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