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BS EN 82045-1-2001 pdf download.Document management Part 1 : Principles and methods.
The BS EN 82045-1 shall however be kept for a longer time as an archive. Legal requirements in this context may vary considerably. In addition, the minimum legally required period (often at least ten years) might be extended by contractual obligations.
Elimination/deletion from the archive means that the document including its associated metadata is deleted and can no longer be traced.
NOTE If there are active references to the document, elimination is not possible. In the case that the document may have been referred to elsewhere, it may be useful to keep the metadata. By keeping the metadata, it is clear that the reference was correct, lithe metadata is not kept, then a user might think that the reference was Incorrect.
6.2 InitIation phase
6.2.1 General
This phase includes the initiation of a document, providing and capturing data required for the later preparation of a document. This phase is comparable with the setting-up of a manufacturing planning process. The phase does not include the preparation/establishing of the content of the document, i.e. the population of the document with presentations and data of the referred objects. The result of this phase is the framework, under which the referred document(s) are prepared.
6.2.2 Identification
A document needs an identification that is unambiguous In a given context. The identification makes it possible to refer to the document. The identification shall be stable and shall neither be dependent on the form of presentation nor on the physical location of the document.
This means that one document can be presented in different language versions. Furthermore, one document can be presented in different physical forms, hard copy, microfilm, screen image, etc.
Depending on the tools used to create, show and manage the document, the same document may therefore look differently to different users, not necessarily presenting the whole set of information in all cases.
As long as it contains the same information content, it is the same document.
The same information may be visualised according to different for example electronic templates. style sheets, used for the presentation. The same information may therefore be available according to different physical (file) formats, for example xml, doc, tif, pdf, rtf. If one likes to handle the visualised presentation as a separate document, this document however shall refer back to its source, i.e. its origin.
6.2.3 Classification
Classification provides input about the characteristics of the document. It eases the search,
retrieval of documents dealing with similar and/or identical issues.
A variety of separate independent classification schemes may be applied: for example IEC 61355, ICS, predefined descriptors selected from an repository or a thesaurus: not predefined keywords generated from the document content (index entries): part families, coded paper size format, restricted uses.
The following information with respect to metadata may be provided:
— associated contract identifier(s) and involved organizational partners and their roles:
associated work order identifier:
— associated project identifier(s);
— ownership, author and related organizational data;
— document identification systems, each based on a given source and associated with one specified organization: one of these organizations shall be the custodian; see 6.2.2.
— intended document function;
— title of document providing the description of the intended document content:
— language(s) used in the document;
— reference to described object(s), for example to an identified product:
— initiation date, due date;
— association to a specified node in the work break-down structure:
— association to a specified node in the documentation structure:
— document classification system(s), each based on a given source: see 6.2.3.
— references to a list of international, regional and national standards and/or other contractual documents serving as specifications to be used for the production of the document; this list may for example include documentation standards (for example lEG 61082 11] 2, IEC 61346, lEG 61666 [4J, IEC 61175 (3J ), QA-requirement (for example ISO 9000):
NOTE 1 OA-requiremerits valid br a complete project should be globally defined within the contract data.
— references to a list of documents serving as specifications to be used for the internal/external document approval and/or product inspections, for example check-lists etc.;
NOTE 2 These references may be applicable to all documents provided for example under a contract, a project, a pro)ect part.
— document version history relationship (for example based on. supersedes, replaces);BS EN 82045-1-2001 pdf download.

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