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BS EN 840-3-2004 pdf download.Mobile waste containers Part 3: Containers with 4 wheels with a capacity up to 1 3001 with dome lid(s), for trunnion and/or comb lifting devices — Dimensions and design.
This BS EN 840-3 specifies dimensions and design requirements of mobile waste containers with 4 wheels, with dome lid(s) and capacity up to 1300 I to be used by trunnion and/or comb lifting device.
2 Normative references
This European Standard incorporates, by dated or undated reference, provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the latest edition of the publication referred to applies (including amendments).
EN 840-1:2004, Mobile waste containers — Part 1: Containers with 2 wheels with a capacity up to 4001 for comb lifting device – Dimensions and design.
EN 840-2:2004, Mobile waste containers — Part 2: Containers with 4 wheels with a capacity up to 1 300 I with flat lid(s), for trunnion andJor comb lifting devices – Dimensions and design.
EN 840-5, Mobile waste containers — Part 5: Performance requirements and test methods. EN 840-6, Mobile waste containers — Part 6: Safety and health requirements.
EN 1501-1, Refuse collection vehicles and their associated lifting devices — General requirements and safety requirements — Part 1: Rear-end loaded refuse collection vehicles.
EN ISO 11469, Plastics — Generic identification and marking of plastics products (ISO 11469:2000).
3 Terms and definitions
Terms for components of mobile waste containers and lifting devices in three languages are given in annex A of EN 840-1:2004.
For the purposes of this European Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
mobile waste container
appropriately designed container fitted with wheels intended to temporarily store waste
lifting device
structure which picks-up, tilts and empties containers
NOTE The English term capacity and the French term capacité are translated in the German version by the term “Nennvofumen,
nominal load
load mass, which is calculated as given in clause 6
total permissible mass
mass of the container plus the nominal load
functional and safety dimensions
essential dimensions which ensure the functionality and interchangeability of the container with the compatible lifting device and which are necessary for the operator’s safety and health.
4 Volumes
This part of EN 840 identifies the two classes of containers:
— Class I – small size (nominal volume up to 1 000 I);
— Class II – large size (nominal volume between 1 000 I and 1 300 I).
Within the two above-mentioned classes of containers the following volumes are identified: 770 I, 1 000 I, 1100 I and 1 300 I. Nominal volumes different from those referenced can be used by agreement between user and manufacturer. The tolerance of the volumes shall be ± 5 % maximum measured according to
EN 840-5.
5 Dimensions and design
5.1 The design of the containers need not to correspond to the drawings given in Figures la to lc. The functional dimensions given in Table 1 shall be respected. Recommendations for manufacturers of lifting devices are given in annex A (see also EN 1501-1).
5.2 The container shall be constructed so that when it is unloaded or loaded with a nominal load (see clause 6). it fits on an approved compatible lifting device. It shall be automatically locked safely into the lifting device during the lifting operation. If the container is equipped with a comb receiver, it shall correspond to at least one of the options given in Figure 2 (Form A, B or C).
5.3 The lid(s) shall fit the body. It/they shall be made with at least 2 fixing points and have at least one means for opening.
5.4 Handles fitted in front of the trunnion shall have a measurement over the handles of 10 mm less than the actual measurement in Table 1 dimension ° 33. Also the handles and their location shall be designed so that they do not damage the operator.
5.5 If the container has ribs in the frontal receiver they shall meet the requirements of Figures 2 and 5.
5.6 The container shall have 4 swivel castors. Each swivel castor shall be capable of withstanding 1/3 of the total permissible mass. Each castor shall meet the requirements of EN 840.5. The container shall have facilities for mounting the castor platine according to at least one of the measurements as shown in Figure 6.
5.7 All the surfaces of the container including design features shall be smooth and free of any foreign bodies or flaws.
5.8 The container should have a drain plug.
5.9 When direction locks are fitted they shall be fixed on at least 2 castor&
5.10 The container should be fitted with 2 braked wheels to requirements of EN 840-5. In case of centralized braking and locking system the brake pedal and the lock shall be fixed on a Lateral side of the container. The centralized locking shall be able to be unlocked with a standard triangular key as shown in Figure 7. The effectiveness of this centralized braking system shall conform to EN 840-5.
6 Nominal Load
The container shall be constwcted strongly enough to carry a load of 0,4 kg/dm3 x nominal volume.
Containers with a nominal volume of more than 1100 I shall be constructed strongly enough to carry a load of
440 kg.
7 Safety and health requirements
The container shall meet the safety and health requirements according to EN 840-6.
8 Testing
The container shah tuflil the performance requirements and the tests of EN 840-5.
9 Marking.BS EN 840-3-2004 pdf download.

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