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BS ISO 22396:2020,Security and resilience — Community resilience — Guidelines for information exchange between organizations.BS ISO 22396:2020 pdf free download here.
BS ISO 22396:2020 gives guidelines for information exchange. It includes principles, a framework and a process for information exchange. It identifies mechanisms for information exchange that allow a participating organization to learn from others’ experiences, mistakes and successes. It can be used to guide the maintenance of the information exchange arrangement in order to increase commitment and engagement. It provides measures that enhance the ability of participating organizations to cope with disruption risk.
BS ISO 22396:2020 is applicable to private and public organizations that require guidance on establishing the conditions to support information exchange.
BS ISO 22396:2020 is divided into three segments: principles, framework and process. The principles present the core of this document. The framework identifies the necessary elements for developing information exchange frameworks. The process describes information exchange procedures for establishing and maintaining the arrangement. Figure 1 presents the relationship between the principles, the framework and the process.

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