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EN 14730-1-2006 pdf download.Railway applications – Track – Aluminothermic welding of rails – Part 1: Approval of welding processes
Initial compAance can be extended as folows
The retevw’d railway a.Aiotity iromerits defined C*use 4.) to b) shad be met for each of the tame below
a) To other oups of rail proltes of Table I Isubc’euse 5.4 afl by the tests wi category 2 of Table 2 Istd,dause 5.4 b) to be conducted on one pioflle from each of Vw appropflate ,oiq* Faak.re of any lest shal cause non-compliance for the oup of rail profiles besng tested.
b) To other rail wades by th, tests m category 3 of Table 2 (sau. 54 b) Failur. of any test shal cause non-compliance for that rail made. Tests on one rail profIle cover ad profiles In categories I and 2
C) To process changes as prescribed by lh bts and tests of Claus. 5. Failure of the relevant lasts of TbIe 3 shad cause non-compbnce of the process ctiang
5.0 Documents to be subrnltt.d with th. r.qu.st for approval
When ipling for approval, the blowing documents shall be si.rnwtted
5.0.1 The process manual
The process supplier shall produce a manual d.neting all tie consumable materials and equipment used. s wad lie operating method to be $dbwed for .11 sle cit *wkl.ny The ppruval oc.dur, for laboratory tests will not lickide means of alignment or finishing operns. The manual shall spedy the cnbc parameters of the wekng process and th safe bounds. and shall wickjde the fomg.
a) number of people requwd carrying out lie operaaons.
b) agrani of equipment
c) porbon for ei tad made arid profile.
d) rail end preparabon reqtarernints.
5.7 Pr.p.ratfon and allocation of test wilds
a) Welds reqi.arad for th tests shall be produced m accudance wth the process manual (5.61) under tie supervision at the approvrç aAhonty rocsed by the radway aulhory Rats to be used for the produdbon of test welds shall be new rats. FIfty percent 01 test welds shad be made wIth rnWmum gap and flhly percent at maxwntwn gap
b) Weldllng gap shad be measured alter weld alignment (pe.kwg) on bath sides at the red hed (or on the ruiwNng surface), web md pont and both Soot Upa. The maximum gap is the maxwnurn at any at the above powts and mmamum the minWnwn 01 any at the above points.
C) The weld gap for ill welds made for Tible 2 tests shill be wdhan e sp.cdhecf range In the case oh tie welds requwid for lest H Wi category 1 of Table 2. twee welds sh be produced at tie rrwnriurn gap and two it tie maximum, and for category 2 of Table 2. one weld at the maximum gap and one weld at the rnlnwnum gap Measurements shall be made to an acQiracy of t 0.5 mm.
d) All welds shad be tested r.dtreeonicalOy uewig the procedure gIven en Mnex C and Ui, results
EN 14730-1:2006i’A1:2010 (E)
•) With tie .zcaptàon of the welds made for test H, as many poasible ce’ the welds that show an
uIasonic response shall be allocated to test as foiows
— Response tram web or foot – slow bend lest (test D).
— Response tram heed – weld soridness test (lest G)
Othenvee welds shall be allocated to tests randomly
t The number of each test snal oe en accordance with the appeopnate parts or i atses ana s. in. process supp’er shall determre tie order 01 testIng
g) Where tests tad to meet Vie required test oritefla as a result of a detect (or detects) en the rat, re.sts shall be made on a one-ta-one basis.
Any change Cl pre-heawig fuels (oudsWig or reducAng);
— My change wi working prsss or pre-lieabng times outside the ranges anginally specified
6.1.5 ParSon
Changes Wi the ee1 outside of the produchon tolerances given by the supplr and changes in the ranges of elements specified by the supplier
6.1.6 Wekng gap
liallal approval mvolves lastmg a yielding process either end of 11* ranges .p.afl.d Wi 56.1.)
If the maxmnøn gap proposed exceeds U maxwnuin covered by the flidial approVal. testing ie required at the new m xrium gap If the mWlwmmi gap proposed is less Itwi the mnmum covered by lmbal approval, testing Is required with new mmrium gap.
Measurement of lii gap shaii b macte defwied in 5.7 b).
6.2 Changes to th portion shall be lested Wi accordance with Table 2 categories I and 3. but shell
•zdude the fabgu. test requirement
6.3 Whre the proposed change lies witwi the range or ranges given in Table 3. th, tests slid be uriderln as detaded Wi Table 3. The change slid be approvd if the acceptance ailena for sach of the required tests are met hi house laboratory faöSlIes shalt be approved by the radway authority
6.4 Changes adildi f outside the units of the range or ranges gven in Table 3 slid only be approved If they meet the requremenle for nonsing wwbal compliance as given In Table 2.
6.5 In all instances the magiltude of a change shall be judged in relation to that vakie used in the original approval as defined Wi 54
In the case of th combination of midtipl. changes. the number of tests to be underten will be tie largest number required In each column of Table 3 for these particular changes. e.g combflng changes to the pr.-h.ating system end yielding gap shall require 801 lest A (not 12) 1 of last C. etc
6.6 Re-approval fiowWig the process changes detailed in Table 3 shall be made in one praISe of groups I or 2 of Table I and rad grades R260 and slid cover all praISes and grades of the ernting.EN 14730-1-2006 pdf download.

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