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IEC 60510-3-3:1988 pdf download.Methods of measurement for radio equipment used in satellite earth stations. Part 3: Methods of measurement on combinations of sub-systems. Section Three: Measurements for monochrome and colour television transmission.
IEC 60510-3-3:1988 deals with methods of measurement for monochrome and colour television transmission. These measurements are additional to the measurements in the baseband give in Part I, Section Four (IEC Publication 510-1-4) which are common to telephony and to television, e.g. group-delay and amplitude/frequency characteristics.
The CCIR Recommendations and Reports which describe test waveforms appropriate to the various television systems in current use are listed in the references given in Clause 9.
2. Introduction
Suitable commercial measuring equipment is generally available, but it is important to ensure that its performance is adequate for carrying out the tests to be described. For example, oscilloscopes should exhibit a flat frequency response and a good return loss (e.g. 30dB )to at least the upper nominal frequency limit of the video baseband.
Time and voltage calibration and display linearity are important factors and sometimes it is difficult to achieve the necessary accuracy when measuring the amplitude waveforms displayed on the screen Graticules cannot always provide the necessary precision when an accuracy of 0.1 dB is required: such accuracy is frequently necessary, for example, when measuring synchronizing pulse distortion. The problem may be eased by the use of the calibrator described in Appendix A. This arrangement also may save time when there are many measurements to be made.
The various test waveform elements referred to in this section are intended to be superim- osed on standard line-synchronizing pulses. The commercial waveform generators generally available to provide these waveforms are usually sufficiently free from distortion to be used directly without calibration. When this is not the case, or when the limits of accuracy required for the measurement are comparable with those of the test equipment itself, an appropriate correction for the test equipment distortion shall be made when presenting the results.IEC 60510-3-3:1988 pdf download.

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