ANSI CTA-2040-2011 pdf download

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ANSI CTA-2040-2011 pdf download SD Card Common Interface Standard
ISO standards:
• Library of Congress via
3. Acronyms
AU Access Unit
CAS Conditional Access System
CI Common Interface
CID Card Identification register
CP Copy Protection
ECM Entitlement Control Message
EMM Entitlement Management Message
ESP Encapsulating Security Payload, part of the IPsec protocol suite
ESG Electronic Service Guide
IP Internet Protocol
PNM Product Name
SAC Secure Authenticated Channel
4. Definitions
Closed Recording Session – A Recording Session that is not in progress and no data may be added to it.
Common Interface Module – A small device, not working by itself, designed to run specialized conditional access processing in association with a Terminal.
Open Recording Session – A Recording Session that is in progress and data may be added to it.
Recording Session – The result of all the data received for a particular Service over a period of time.
Service – A set of synchronized media streams delivered in a time-constrained or unconstrained manner for immediate consumption (during the reception).
Terminal – The television receiver (not including the CI Module) device with a CI Module interface
5. Overview
5.1 Architecture
The reference architecture using the Common Interface Module is shown below:
The CI Module based system consists of a Terminal and a CI Module. The Terminal provides the reception and decoding functionality whilst the CI Module provides the decryption functionality. The Terminal and the CI Module are connected through the Common Interface. Please refer to the documentation of the applicable broadcast standard for a detailed description of the Terminal architecture and requirements.
The Common Interface described in this document supports (at minimum) the transfer of the encrypted authorization information as well as the encrypted audio/video/data streams to the CI Module, and the transfer of the decrypted audio/video/data streams back to the Terminal. The transfer from the CI Module to the Terminal may optionally be protected by a Secure Authenticated Channel (SAC).

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