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ANSI/IEEE 315A-1986 pdf free download.American National Standard – Supplement to Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams.
ANSI/IEEE 315A-1986 is intended to provide addi- tional graphic symbols and information on in ternationally approved graphic symbols needed for use for electrical and electronics diagrams.
ANSI/IEEE 315A-1986 provides graphic symbols for use on all electrical or electronics diagrams except for those required for
(1) Logic circuit diagrams. See ANSI/IEEEStd91-1984.
(2) Architectural plans. See ANSI Y32.9 1972 [2] and IEC Publication 617(1983 122] Part 11, ch IV,
(3) Street maps and building system layouts for cable TV application. See ANSI/IEEE Std 623-1976 and IEC Publication 617 (1983), Part 11, ch III.
ANSI/IEEE 315A-1986 places the IEC Publication 617 new material in a practical sequence with related material in ANSI/IEEE Std 315-1975. Except where the nature of the revisions dictate otherwise (for reasons of clarity ) exist Ing ANSI/IEEE Std 315-1975 text is not repeated.

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