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AS 2087-1977 pdf download.Methods for the macroscopic assessment of the non-metallic inclusion content in wrought steel.
1 SCOPE. This standard describes macroscopic methods for the assessment of the non-metallic inclusion content in wrought steel products.
2 LINIITATIONS. The methods in this standard are—
(a) limited to the examination of wrought steel in which the non-metallic inclusions are of sufficient size to permit assessment by the naked eye or with the aid of magnification not exceeding lOx;
(b) not suitable for the detection of small globular inclusions, or of chains of fine elongated inclusions in wrought steel:
(C) not suitable for distinguishing between different types of inclusions such as suiphides. silicates and oxides in wrought steel.
3 DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this standard the following definitions apply:
3.1 Non-metallic inclusion—non-metallic compounds and mixtures in steel resulting from entrapment of deoxidation products or exogenous materials, such as refractories or hot topping compounds during solidification.
NOTE: Inclusion type, shape. size and distribution will vary greatly depending on the gride of steel, method ofdeoxidation, size and shape of ingot. amount of reduction received, and the position of the test piece relative to the ingot.
3.2 Test sample—a portion of material or a group selected from a hatch by a sampling procedure.
3.3 Test specimen—a portion of material or a single item taken from the test sample for the purpose of applying a particular test.
3.4 Test piece—a prepared piece for testing, made from a test specimen by some mechanical operation.
4.1 Oxidation-fracture Test.
4.1.1 Application. The oxidation-fracture test is suitable for the assessment of all wrought steel products that can be hardened by heat treatment to approximately HRC 60. and have a grain size of 7 or finer.AS 2087-1977 pdf download.

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