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AS B235-1970 pdf download.Boiler and superheater tubes – Carbon steel tubes without specified elevated temperatures properties.
0.1 SCOPE. This specification sets out requirements for seamless and electric resistance-welded carbon steel tubes, not exceeding 5 in outside diameter, intended primarily for boilers and unfired pressure vessels for use at temperatures not in excess of 400°C (752°F).
Data on the mechanical properties at elevated temperatures for the materials specified is given in Appendix C. This data may be used for design purposes in accordance with the application code but is not subject to verification.
Diameters and thicknesses oF tubes appropriate to this specification are shown in Appendix D.
0.6 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this specification the following definitions shall apply:
0.6.1 Design Metal Temperature-the temperature specified in the relevant application code.
0.6.2 Inspecting Authority-a person acting with Statutory Authority or under the express written authority of the purchaser.
0.6.S Outside Diameter. Inside Diameter and Thickness-the nominal outside diameter, nominal inside diameter and nominal thickness unless otherwise qualified in the text.
0. 6.4 Shall and Should-shall'”is to be understood as mandatory and “should” as advisory.
0.7 STEELMAKING PROCESS. The tubes shall be manufactured from steel complying with the requirements of the Process clause in the Section for the tube ordered.
0.8.1 Ladle Analysis. The manufacturer shall make a chemical analysis of the steel from each ladle to determine the percentages o the specified elements in accordance with methods not less accurate than those specified in AS KI*。 The analysis shall be made of steel from a test ingot taken during pouring of the ladle.
0.8.2 Check Analysis. The purchaser shall state on the order if he requires a check analysis to be made on the material which he has ordered. The check analysis procedure adopted shall be not less accurate than that specified in AS KI.
0.9 CONDITION OF TUBES. The tubes shall be well finished, clean internally and externally, and free from such defects as can be estab lished by testing and inspection.
Surface marks may be dressed provided the thickness of the tube after dressing is not less than the required minimum thickness. The dressed area shall blend into the contour of the tube.
The tubes shall be commercially straight, smooth and cylindrical.
The ends shall be cut square with the axis of the tube and any resulting burrs removed.

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