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AS/NZS 3509:2009.LP Gas fuel vessels for automotive use.Here is part of the introduction:
For the purpose of this Standard, tile definitions in AS 4942 and those below apply.
1.5.1 Capacity (of a fuel vessel)
The designated water capacity (total volume) of the space within the fuel vessel.
1.5.2 Inspection body
A body that has acquired through training, qualification or practical experience, or a combination of these, an understanding of the equipment and processes enabling that body to verify compliance with this Standard.
For the purposes of this Standard, an inspection body is one or more of the following:
(a) An integrated gas cylinder test station.
(b) The manufacturer, where the manufacturer has a quality management system certified to ASINZS ISO 9001. implementing the requirements of this Standard.
(c) The regulatory authority, if applicable, under State or Territory legislation.
(d) An independent third party inspection body acceptable to the statutory authority where relevant and the customer.
1.5.8 Vessel
A ‘cylinder’, ‘tank’, ‘container’ or bbottle capable of being safely filled with LP Gas.
1.5.9 Welding procedure specification
A documented qualified welding procedure prepared to provide direction for making production welds to the requirements of this Standard.
1.5.10 Welding procedure test
The making and testing of a welded joint, representative of that to be used in production, in order to prove the weidment is capable of providing the required properties for its intended application.
1.5.11 Yield strength For carhoii steel
0.2% proof stress (non-proportional), or 0.5% proof stress (total elongation), or lower yield stress.
2.1.5 Openings
Openings shall be provided for connections required in accordance with AS/NZS 1425.
Some acceptable types of connections are as follows:
(a) For threaded connections .the types given in Figure 2.5.
(b) For studded connections the types given in Figure 2.6.
NOTE: Clause 2.5 specifies that, where an opening is for fitment of a studded muitivalve connection, certain markings are to be applied.
Connections of types other than given in Figure 2.5 and Figure 2.6 shall comply with the requirements for openings specified in AS 1210, except that where non-circular pads for openings are to be provided, the following requirements shall apply:
(I) Welds for attachment of the connection or pad to the shell shall be full penetration
(ii) The design of the connection or pad shall be verified by type testing in accordance
with Clause 5.1.
NOTE: This Standard provides only for connections that can be considered to have sufficient reinforcement to allow ligament efficiencies to be disregarded.AS/NZS 3509 pdf download.

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