ASTM D2658-18 pdf free download

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ASTM D2658-18,Standard Test Method for Determining Dimensions of Fiberboard Boxes.
ASTM d2658-18 PDF is available as a free download, and I guess there are many people who need this document for their studies and work, including myself. So I searched the Internet, but as you know, a lot of links are not downloadable, which is frustrating. I have added the download link to this website, and I have selected a part of the introduction of the document, I hope to be useful to you.
ASTM D2658-18 covers the determination of the interior and exterior dimensions of regular slotted or special slotted styles of single-wall corrugated, double-wall corrugated and solid fiberboard boxes.
The keywords of the standard:box dimensions; box gage method; fiberboard boxes
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ASTM D2658-18 pdf free download

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