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ASTM E1374-18e1,Standard Guide for Office Acoustics and Applicable ASTM Standards.ASTM E1374-18e1 pdf free download.Today I share the pdf file with everyone.The size of this pdf file is 5.76M.The details are as follows.
Office environments include open and closed spaces with varying acoustical performance requirements depending on space function and occupant needs. Sound control tools and methods are identified which combine to provide appropriate amounts of speech privacy, freedom from distraction and acoustic comfort whether in focus, private, collaborative or other office areas.
ASTM E1374-18e1 discusses the principles and interactions that affect the acoustical performance of open and closed offices. It describes the application and use of the relevant series of ASTM standards.
ASTM E1374-18e1 delineates the role and interaction of these components and the application of relevant ASTM Standards.
ASTM E1374-18e1 is intended for the use of architects, engineers, office managers, and others interested in designing, specifying, or operating office environments.
Evaluation of Mock-up or Completed Space
7.1 Since the acoustical performance of an office space is dependent on the interaction of several components, it is important that the influence of the various elements and components be investigated early in the planning phase. A mock-up of several typical office modules can be evaluated for speech privacy levels using the techniques in Test Method E1130 and Test Method E2638.
7.2 If convenient, a field evaluation can be made at or near job completion, to determine if program or specification requirements have been met.
Keywords:acoustics; open office; open-plan

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