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ASTM E2893-16e1 pdf free download.Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups.
ASTM E2893-16e1 describes a process for identifying, evaluating, and incorporating best management practices (BMPs) and, when deemed appropriate, for integrating a quantitative evaluation into a cleanup to reduce its environmental footprint.
ASTM E2893-16e1 is designed to be implemented in conjunction with any cleanup framework and should be used with other technical tools, guidance, policy, laws, and regulations to integrate greener cleanup practices, processes, and technologies into cleanup projects.
ASTM E2893-16e1 provides a process for identifying, prioritizing, selecting, implementing, documenting, and reporting activities to reduce the environmental footprint of a cleanup as defined by the following core elements.
The goal of the BMP process is to enable the user to identify, prioritize, select, implement, and document the use of BMPs to reduce the environmental footprint of cleanup activities.
As part of the BMP process, the user may elect to perform a quantitative evaluation to optimize performance of a specific BMP or to calculate the anticipated numerical environmental footprint reduction from implementing the BMP. The process of performing a quantitative evaluation is described in Section 7.

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