AWS WHC-4.06-2010 pdf download

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Clad metals are laminar composites consisting of a metal or alloy, with a metal or alloys of different chemi-cal composition applied to one or more sides by welding casting, drawing, rolling, surfacing, chemical deposition,or electroplating. In this chapter, the term dissimilar metal refers to the welding of chemically different metals (for example, aluminum, copper and nickel) or micro-structurally different alloys of a particular element (for example, carbon steel and stainless steel). Dissimilar metal combinations comprise one or more base metals and one or more filler metals that make up the final weld metal after melting and mixing during welding. A series of weld metals that vary significantly in composition may exist within a single welded joint; each weld bead may have individual compositional characteristics.

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AWS VIW-M-2008 pdf download AWS standards

AWS VIW-M-2008 pdf download

The American W elding Society, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the information contained in this publication.An independent substantiating investigation should be made prior to reliance on or use of such information.
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AWS QC1-2007 pdf download AWS standards

AWS QC1-2007 pdf download

This standard defines the requirements and program for the American Welding Society to certify welding inspectors. The certification of visual welding inspectors requires documentation of experience, satisfactory completion of an examination, and proof of visual acuity. The...
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