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BS EN 507-2000 pdf download.Roofing products from metal sheet Specification for fully supported roofing products of aluminium sheet.
This BS EN 507 specifies requirements for roofing products used for assembly into coverings for pitched roofs, made from aluminium sheet with or without additional organic coatings.
The standard establishes general characteristics, definitions and labelling of the products, together with requirements for the materials from which the products can be manufactured. It is intended to be used either by manufacturers to ensure that their products comply with the requirements or by purchasers to verify that the products comply before they are despatched from the factory. It specifies the requirements for products which enable them to meet all normal service conditions. Products can be prefabricated or semiformed products as well as strip, coil and sheet for on-site-formed applications (e.g. standing seam roofs).
The standard applies to all discontinuously laid and fully supported roofing products made of aluminium sheets. No requirements for supporting construction, design of roof system and execution of connections and flashings are included
NOTE The standard deals partly with flat products, partly with preformed (prefabricated) products Requirements for preformed self-supporting products are given in prEN 508-2.
2 Normative references
This European Standard incorporates by dated or undated reference, provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references. subsequent amendments to or revisions & any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references, the latest edition of the publication referred to applies.
EN 485-1. Aluminium arid aluminium alloys – Sheet, stnp arid plate – Pert 1: Technical conditions for inspection and delivery.
EN 485-2, Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Sheet, strip and plate – Part 2: Mechanical properties.
EN 485-4, Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Sheet, strip and plate – Part 4: Tolerances on space arid dimensions for cold rolled products.
EN 1396, Aluminium and aluminium alloys – Coil coated sheet and strip for general applications – Specifications. EN 10204, Metallic products – Types of inspection documents.
3 Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
3.1 Definitions
For the purposes of this standard, the following definitions apply in addition to the definitions in EN 485-1.
organic coated aluminium
painted, post coated, laminated or coil coated aluminium on one or on both sides
3.2 Symbols and abbreviations
EN AW Symbols for aluminium sheets identical to the alloy symbols given in table 1
H The aluminium temper symbol
AY Indicating acrylic paint coating
SP Indicating polyester paint coating
SP-Sl Indicating silicone-modified polyester paint coating
PVDF Indicating polyvinylidenefluonde paint coating
PVF(F) Indicating polyvinyifluoride film coating
PMD Indicating polyamid coated
AK Indicating alkyd paint coating
4 Requirements
4.1 General
The product shall be manufactured from materials complying with 4.2.
NOTE 1 The supplier of the materials is responsible for carrying out the tests necessary to verify that the materials supplied to the manufacturer comply with the requirements and should provide appropnate inspection documents (according to EN 1020.4) on request.
NOTE 2 The symbols and abbreviations to be used to designate the aluminium alloys, the type and thickness of the organic coating are those of the standards referred to in clause 2.
A permanent quality control system shall be adopted by the manufacturer.
The minimum nominal thickness (excluding organic coatings) shall be as follows:
– for fully supported coverings 0,6 mm;
– for clips (fixing clips, sliding clips) 0,7 mm;
– for line-fixing stnps : 0,7 mm.
4.3.2 Formed (prefabricated) products
The recommended minimum nominal thickness (excluding thickness of organic coatings), if not calculated or tested under service conditions, such as wind, snow and maintenance loads, and the product processing conditions, for trays, panels, or tiles for fully supported applications shall be 0,6 mm,
Depending on dimensional requirements for fixing and fabrication, manufacturing tolerances for the formed product shall be agreed at the time of ordering.
NOTE Some of the preformed products are fully defined and designed by a code of practice. Other products need a verification of the capacity to take wind load This can be done by either testing or calculation, see prEN 508-2.
4.3.3 Safety in case of fire
Until appropriate European Standards are published, products coated with organic coatings shall comply with national building regulations regarding fire properties.
NOTE 1 All products referred to in this standard are resistant against sparks and heat radiation.
NOTE 2 All products referred to in this standard without organic coating are incombustible, The melting point of the aluminium alloys is approximatively 630 C, so the metal can melt in an intense fire. It is essential that the effect of a fire is evaluated after studying the whole structure.
5 Sampling and test methods
5.1 Flat products
The sampling and test methods shall be in accordance with
– EN 485-1 for products with an organic coating;
– EN 1396 for products without any organic coating.BS EN 507-2000 pdf download.

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