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BS EN 60077-1:2017 pdf free download.Railway applications – Electric equipment for rolling stock – General service conditions and general rules.
BS EN 60077-1:2017 specifies the general service conditions and requirements for all electric equipment installed in power circuits, auxiliary circuits, control and indicating circuits etc., on railway rolling stock.
Although this document specifies the general service conditions and general rules for electric equipment for railway rolling stock, further details for certain types of electric equipment may be given in other IEC standards.
lEC 60077 series consists of the following parts:
Part 1-General service conditions and general rules;
Part 2 -Electrotechnical components- General rules;
Part 3-Electrotechnical components- Rules for DC circuit-breakers;
Part 4-Electrotechnical components- Rules for AC circuit-breakers;
Part 5-Electrotechnical components- Rules for HV fuses;
Although all circuits of power or control electronic equipment connected to battery or contact line are covered by this document, internal circuits of these may be subject to special equirements covered by relevant product standards.
For electric equipment for rolling stock which conforms to an appropriate international standard, including items of industrial equipment, this document, plus the relevant equipment prooduct standard for el equipment where appropriate, specifies only those additional requirements to ensure satisfactory operation on rolling stock.
NOTE: Some of these rules can, after agreement between the user and the manufacturer, be used for electrical equipment installed on vehicles other than railway rolling stock, such as mine locomotives, trolley buses, etc.
The purpose of this document is to harmonize as far as practicable all rules and requirements of a general nature applicable to electric equipment for rolling stock. This is in order to obtain uniformity of requirements and tests throughout the corresponding range of equipment to avoid the need for testing to different standards.
All requirements relating to:
—the environmental stresses expected during the normal service conditions
—the construction:
—the performance and the associated tests which can be considered as general
have therefore been gathered in this document together with specific subjects of wide interest and application, for example temperature rise, dielectric properties, etc.
In the event of there being a difference in requirements between this document and a railway rolling stock relevant product standard, then the product standard requirements take precedence.

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