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BS EN 61076-5-2001 pdf download.Connectors for use d.c., low-frequency analogue and digital high-speed data applications Part 5: In-line sockets with assessed quality — Sectional Specification.
The date code is a four-digit code number. The first two digits shall denote the last two digits of the year. The last two digits shall specify the week of manufacture. For example, a date of 9232 denotes that the sockets were manufactured during the 32nd week of 1992. Other markings may be applied to the socket, provided they do not interfere with, obscure, or confuse those markings required above. Where size, surface conditions or other design considerations do not allow full marking on the part, the markings shall use the order of preference given above. Any required markings which cannot be applied to the socket shall be applied to the package containing the sockets.
2.3 Information to be given in a detail specification
The detail specification shall be derived from the relevant blank detail specification and shall contain all required information. Detail specifications shall not specify requirements inferior to those of the generic or sectional specifications. When more severe requirements are included, they shall be listed in the detail specification and indicated in the test schedules; for example, by an asterisk.
The detail specification shall contain the complete technical requirements for inspection, including the quality conformance test schedule. If the technical requirements of the generic and/or sectional specification relative to inspection are not entirely suitable (either for technical reasons or for special applications) to the component described in the detail specification, the detail specification shall set out clearly the various amendments which are to be made to these requirements.
2.4 Standard values
The socket shall be held in place by wave-soldering it to a typical printed wiring board whose nominal thickness shall be 157 mm (0,062 in) or an equivalent fixture. The mating device shall be inserted into a socket, at a recommended rate of 25,4 mm (1,00 in) ± 10 % per mm, to a depth as defined in the detail specification.
5.2.2 Mechanical operation
This test shall be performed in accordance with IEC 60512-5, test 9a.
The test gauge shall be engaged and disengaged 50 times. After cycling, the contacts shall meet the requirements of 5.2.1 and 5.3.3. The test shall be performed while the socket is mounted on a printed wiring board using a simulated production package as the test gauge.
5.2.3 Contact retention
Contact retention shall be measured in accordance with IEC 60512-8, test 15a and the following details.
The load application and direction shall be 4,4 N/s for 5 s instead of 10 N/s for 10 s. For sockets with type A terminals (solderless wrap), an axial force of 33.3 N (7.5 lbf) shall cause rio damage or loosening of the contacts in the insulator. For sockets with type B terminals (printed circuit), an axial force of 3,33 N (0,75 bf) shall cause no damage or loosening of the contacts in the insulator. For sockets with style 1 contacts (two-piece), an axial force of 33,3 N (7,5 lbf) shall be applied against the fingers with the socket mounted in an appropriate fixture with no resultant separation of the spring contact from its sleeve.
5.2.4 Vibration
The vibration test shall be performed in accordance with IEC 60512-4, test 6d, and the following details: sockets shall be monitored for contact disturbance in accordance with IEC 60512-2. test 2e.
• Frequency range shall be 10 Hz to 2 000 Hz — duration 4 h per axis.
• Peak acceleration shall be 15 g.
When tested, there shall be no evidence of mechanical failure of contacts, insulator or metal parts. Sockets shall be mounted in a normal manner on a printed wiring board having a nominal thickness of 1,57 mm (0,062 In). A test unit simulating a production in-line package shall be inserted into the socket. Alternating contacts of the test package and socket may be connected to provide a series circuit. A current of 0,1 A maximum shall be applied. There shall be no interruptions in excess of 1 ps.
The contacts shall be capable of meeting the requirements of 5.3.3.BS EN 61076-5-2001 pdf download.

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