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BS ISO 28902-3:2018,Air quality — Environmental meteorology — Part 3: Ground-based remote sensing of wind by continuous-wave Doppler lidar.
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Part of the document is as follows:
There are several methods by which lidar can be used to measure atmospheric wind. The four most commonly used methods are heterodyne pulsed Doppler wind lidar,heterodyne continuous-wave Doppler wind lidar, direct-detection Doppler wind lidar and resonance Doppler wind lidar.
This document describes the use of (monostatic) heterodyne continuous-wave Doppler lidar.
BS ISO 28902-3:2018 specifies the requirements and performance test procedures for monostatic heterodyne continuous-wave Doppler lidar techniques and presents their advantages and limitations. The term “Doppler lidar” used in this document applies solely to monostatic heterodyne CW lidar systems retrieving wind measurements from the scattering of laser light by aerosols in the atmosphere.Performances and limits are described based on standard atmospheric conditions.
BS ISO 28902-3:2018 describes the determination of the line-of-sight wind velocity (radial wind velocity).

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