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GB/T 9439-2010 pdf free download.Grey Iron Castings.Now you can download the pdf file here.
This standard specifies the terminology, definition, designation, technical requirements, sampling, testing methods, inspecting rule, packing, marking and certification grey iron catings.
This standard applies to grey cast iron used for castings, which have been manufactured in sand molds or in molds with comparable thermal behavior.
The following documents contain provision which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. For dated references, only the dated versions apply to this standard. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document (include all the amendments) is applicable to this standard.
GB/T 223 Test method fbr Chemical analysis of iron, steel and alloy
GB/T 228 Metallic Materials — Tensile Testing at Ambient Temperature (ISO: 6892:1998)
GB/T 229 Metallic Materials — Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method (ISO 148-1:2006)
GB/T 231 Test method of Brinell hardness of metal
GB/T 4336 Standard Test Method for Spark Discharge Atomic Emission Specirornetric Analysis of Carbon and low-alloy Steel (routine method).
The material designation is in accordance with GB/T 5612.
Based on the mm. tensile strength using 30 separately cast samples, grey cast iron is identified 8 grades, which are HT100, I-1T150, HT200, HT225, I-1T250, HT275, HT300 and HT350. shown as Table 1.
The following order information shall be provided by purchaser:
a) Casting’s material designation;
b) Any special requirements shall be agreed by purchaser and manufacturer.
6.1 Production method
The grey iron castings shall be manufactured in sand molds or in molds with comparable thermal behavior.
The production method of grey cast iron shall be decided by manufacturer.

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