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Hi,i am John.I received a standard called IEEE 1725-2011 pdf from a guy from America.The title of the standard is IEEE Standard For Rechargeable Batteries For Cellular Telephones.
IEEE 1725-2011 establishes criteria for design analysis for qualification, quality, and reliability of rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-lon) and lithium-ion polymer (Li-lon polymer) batteries for cellular telephone applications. Also included in the standard are: battery pack electrical and mechanical construction,packaging technologies, and pack and cell level charge and discharge controls and overall system consideratIons.
The purpose of this standard is to ensure reliable user experience and operation of cell phone batteries. The battery and cellular telephone industries need standardized criteria for design and qualification of rechargeable battery systems and for verifying the quality and reliability of those batteries.
IEEE 1725-2011 guides manufacturers/suppliers in planning and implementing the controls for the design and manufacture of Li-lon and Li-lon polymer rechargeable battery packs used for mobile phones.
IEEE 1725-2011 pdf can be downloaded for free here.

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