IEEE 1725-2012 pdf download

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IEEE 1725-2012 pdf download IEEE Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones
3. Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. The IEEE StandardsDictionary: Glossary of Terms & Definitions should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
abuse: Use of product in a way that is not intended by the manufacturer/supplier but that may result fromunrcasonable or malicious hurnan behavior or unreasonably extreme conditions or environments.
active authentication: A method of validation of a battery and/or accessory where the system makes thecompatibility decision independent from the user; for example, the use of a secure memory device withinthe battery pack that communicates to the host that the pack is suitable for use with a specific originalequipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) mobile phone.
active charger: A charger that has a communication channel and interacts with the host device
adapter: A device that transforms the available power from an external source (e.g, ac wall outlet, airline,or automobile outlets) to the power used by the host
authentication: Any method of validation of a battery and/or accessory designed to ensure compatibilitywith a specific host device.
battery/battery pack: An assembly of any number of Li-lon or Li-lon polymer cells, associatedelectronics, battery packaging, and connector(s).
burr: A sharp metallic projection at the edge of an electrode foil that may penetrate the separator and causean internal short in a Li-lon or Li-lon polymer cell.
cause-and-effect (Fishbone) diagram: A branching, skeletal diagram used to illustrate cause and effectMain branches are typically labeled “manpower, ethods, materials, and machinery.” This diagram is alsoknown as an Ishikawa diagram.
cell: Basic manufactured Li-lon or Li-lon polymer unit providing a source of electrical energy by directconversion of chemical energy that consists of electrodes, separators, electrolyte, container, and terminals,and that is designed to be charged electrically.
cell core: Internal cell assembly consisting of positive and negative electrodes integrated with theseparator. Electrodes and separator may be spirally wound (“jelly roll”) or stacked (“cut and stack) in aplanar arrangement
cell leakage: The appearance of the cell electrolyte outside the contained components. Leakage isevidenced by liquid or condensed electrolyte composition external to the cell on the cell surface.
charge control: A means of ensuring that a cell is charged in accordance with its manufacturer’sspecifications.
charger: A device that imposes a oltage and current in the proper polarity on a cell or battery to return thebattery to a higher state of charge.
charging algorithm: The set of rules and decisions used to determine the voltages and currents applied tothe cell, cells, and/or battery pack as a function of time, temperature, or other parameters.

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