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IEEE 181-1977 pdf download.IEEE Standard on Pulse Measurement and Analysis by Objective Techniques.
1.1 Scope. This standard provides definitions and descriptions of the techniques and procedures for time domain pulse measurements. The definitions and descriptions provided are independent of specific devices, apparatus, instruments, or computing devices which may be used in pulse measurements and are prerequisite to:
(1) Efficient communication of the results of pulse measurements
(2) Standards for pulse apparatus
(3) Standards for apparatus which employs pulse techniques.
1.2 Objet. Within its scope, the object of this standard is the definition of terms and the description of techniques and procedures which are applicable:
(1) To the determination of the characteristics of practical and hypothetical pulses
(2) Regardless of accuracy or precision
(3) To a wide range of technologies and disciplines.
2.1.2 Method of Pulse Measurement. A method of making. a pulse measurement comprises:
(1) The complete specification of the functional characteristics of the devices, apparatus, instruments, and auxiliary equipment to be used
(2) The essential adjustments required
(3) The procedures to be used in making essential adjustments
(4) The operations to be performed and their sequence
(5) The corrections that will ordinarily need to be made
(6) The procedures for making such corrections
(7) The conditions under which all operations are to be carried out.
2.1.3 Pulse Measurement Process. A realization of a method of pulse measurement I in terms of specific devices, apparatus, instruments, auxiliary equipment, conditions, operators, and observers.
3. Measurement of
Pulse Characteristics
3.1 The Distinction Between Waves and Waveforms. The distinction between waves, pulses, and transitions and their respective waveforms is clearly drawn; the former are modifications of the physical state of a mediurn, or phenomena, while the latter are manifestations. representations, or visualizations of these phenomena (see IEEE Std 194-1977. Sections 2.2 and 2.3.1).
NOTE: Throughout the remainder of this itandard the terms pulse and pulse waveform are used in the following inclusive sense: the terms pulse and pulse waveform in- elude the terms transition and transstion waveform. re• spectively. and insofar as is applicable, the terms pulse and pulse waveform include the terms wave and waveform, respectively.
3.2 Description of the Pulse Measurement Process. The object of any pulse measurement process is the determination to some accuracy. either expressed or implied, of the magnitude of a characteristic, property, or attribute of a pulse. Fig 3 shows the constituent steps of any pulse measurement process where, as indicated, the process involves two distinct sequential subprocesses: pulse-to- pulse waveform conversion and pulse waveform analysis. IEEE 181-1977 pdf download.

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