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Standard Number:IEEE 2030.8-2018
Standard Name:IEEE Standard for the Testing of Microgrid Controllers
Introduction:A key element of microgrid operation is the microgrid controller and more specifically the energy management system.
The reason for establishing a standard for testing microgrid controllers, in the context of enabling interoperability of the different controllers and components needed to operate the controller through cohesive and platform-independent interfaces, is to establish standardized testing procedures. This approach should allow for fexibility and customization of components and control algorithms to be deployed without sacrificing “plug-and-play “or limiting potential functionality, while helping to ensure minimum requirements are met and establishing comparative performance indices. The standardization focuses on testing functionalrequirements, while recognizing that there are many possible hardware and software implementations of the same microgrid controller generic functions. The standard is functionality-driven and focuses on a modular approach to the implementation of the functional requirements.

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