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IEEE 802.3cq-2020 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 6: Maintenance #13: Power over Ethernet over 2 pairs.
IEEE Std 802.3TM was first published in 1985. Since the initial publication, many projects have added functionality or provided maintenance updates to the specifications and text included in the standard. Each IEEE 802.3 project/amendment is identified with a suffix(e.g, IEEE Std 802.3baTM-2010).
The half duplex Media Access Control(MAC) protocol specified in IEEE Std 802.3-1985 is Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection(CSM/CD).This MAC protocol was key to the experimental Ethernet developed at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, which had a 2.94 Mb/s data rate. Ethernet at 10 Mb/s was jointly released as a public pecification by Digital Equipment Corporation(DEC), Intel and Xerox in 1980. Ethernet at 10 Mb/s was approved as an IEEE standard by the IEEE Standards Board in 1983 and subsequently published in 1985 as IEEE Std 802.3-1985. Since 1985, new media options, new speeds of operation, and new capabilities have been added to IEEE Std 802.3. A full duplex MAC protocol was added in 1997.
Some of the major additions to IEEE Std 802.3 are identified in the marketplace with their project number This is most common for projects adding higher speeds of operation or new protocols. For example, IEEE Std 802.3uTM added 100 Mb/s operation (also called Fast Ethernet ), IEEE Std 802.3z added 1000 Mb/s operation (also called Gigabit Ethernet ) IEEE Std 802.3ae added 10 Gb/s operation(also called 10 Gigabit Ethernet ) IEEE Std 802. 3ahTM specified access network Ethernet (also called Ethernet in the First Mile) and IEEE Std 802. 3ba added 40 Gb/s operation(also called 40 Gigabit Ethernet )and 100 Gb/s operation(also called 100 Gigabit Ethernet ) These major additions are all now included in and are superseded by IEEE Std 802. 3-2018 and are not maintained as separate documents.
IEEE Std 802.3cqTM1-2020
Amendment 6-This amendment includes editorial and technical corrections. refinements. and clarifications to Clause 33 and related portions of the standard.
Two companion documents exist, IEEE Std 802.3. and IEEE Std 802.3.2. IEEE Std 802.3. 1 describes Ethernet management information base (MTB)modules for use with the Simple Network Management Protocol(NMP)。 IEEE Std 802.3. 2 describes YANG data models for Ethernet. IEEE Std 802.3.I and IEEE Std 802. 3.2 are updated to add management capability for enhancements to IEEE Std 802.3 after approval of those enhancements.
TEEE Std 802.3 will continue to evolve. New Ethernet capabilities are anticipated to be added within the next few years as amendments to this standard.
1.4.323 Medium Dependent Interface (MDI).
The mechanical and electrical or optical interface between the transmission medium and the MAU (e.g, 10BASE-T)or the PHY (e.g, 1000BASE-T) and also between the transmission medium and any associated (optional per IEEE Std 802.3, Clause 33 Clause 104,and Clause 145)Powered Device (PD)or Endpoint Power Sourcing Equipment(PSE).

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