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ISO IEC 25000:2014 pdf free download.Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Guide to SQuaRE.
ISO/IEC 25000:2014 provides guidance for the use of the new series of International Standards named Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE).
The purpose of ISO/IEC 25000:2014 is to provide a general overview of SQuaRE contents, common reference models and definitions, as well as the relationship among the documents, allowing users of the Guide a good understanding of those series of standards, according to their purpose of use. It also contains an explanation of the transition process between the old ISO/IEC 9126 and the ISO/IEC 14598 series and SQuaRE.
4 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply.
NOTE The definitions are common to all parts of SQuaRE series of International Standards.
inherent property or characteristic of an entity that can be distinguished quantitatively or qualitatively by human or automated means
Note 1 to entry: Based on ISO/IEC 15939:2 007.
Note 2 to entry: ISO 9000 distinguishes two types of attributes: a permanent characteristic existing inherently in something; and an assigned characteristic of a product, process or system e.g. the price of a product, the owner of a product. The assigned characteristic is not an inherent quality characteristic of that product, process or system.
5.3 SQuaRE common models
5.3.1 General
The following subclauses present all common models used within the SQuaRE series of standards. As these models form a basis for practical navigation through the series they are further referred by all dedicated and/or detailed standard documents. The following models are presented:
SQuaRE general reference model — navigation guide through SQuaRE series of standards as a function of user’s task(s),
— System and software quality life cycle model – the views of internal quality, external quality and quality in use during the system or software life cycle,
— Quality model structure — categorisation of systems and software quality into characteristics, subcharacteristics and quality attributes.
5.3.2 SQuaRE general reference model
SQuaRE general reference model (Figure 2) was created to help the users navigate through SQuaRE series of standards.
The choice of the appropriate standards and documents from the SQuaRE series depends upon the user’s role and information needs. It is recommended that all users initially consult the general guidance (ISO/IEC 25000) in addition to the parts that are relevant to their specific information need and role.
NOTE: the requirements specification and evaluation processes are not yet addressing data quality evaluation.

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