Risk Management Capability Maturity Model for Complex Product System Projects pdf download

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Risk Management Capability Maturity Model for Complex Product System Projects pdf download.
This paper aims at conceptualizing and developing a multi-level framework for the RiskManagement Capability Maturity Model (RM-CMM),specifically for Complex Product Systems(CoPS) projects.CoPS is a special class of projects,which are high value,technology andengineering intensive products or systems that are typically used to produce consumer goods andservices.The embedded and inherent complexity in terms of task and human relations in CoPS projects can be a major source of risk and can contribute to persistent project challenges,failure and impairment.There is a need to build a progressive risk management capability to deal withthe unique characteristics of these complex projects.
The proposed CoPS-RM-CMM model defines two broad layers in systems “security”and organizational “robustness”.The understanding of complexity inherent in CoPS projects isdrawn from the science of complexity and emergence which provides additional insights into themanagement of both predictable and emergent risk in CoPS implementation.The proposedmodel is also built upon a change management framework,which addresses the risk planningand control processes,organizational and people contexts,and technology contents of CoPS.
Key words:Complex Product System (CoPS);capability maturity model (CMM);emergence;complexity theory;project risk management

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