ANSI B11 STD B11.17-2004 pdf download

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ANSI B11 STD B11.17-2004 pdf download Safety Requirements for Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
3.17 extrusion stem: The press component used to apply force to the billet within the container in the direct- extrusion process.
3.18 guard: A barrier that prevents entry into the point of operation or other hazard area.
3.19 hazard area: An area or space that poses an immediate or impending physical hazard. 3.20 immediate stop command: A command that initiates an action(s) to stop a hazardous motion (or situation) at any point in the press cycle.
3.21 indirect-extrusion process: The method of producing extruded shapes in which the pressurized billet remains fixed within the container and the metal is forced through the extrusion die and die-stem assembly.
3.22 individual: A person, including personnel, who may or may not be under the direct control of the supplier or user
3.23 integrator: Any supplier that designs, provides, manufactures or assembles a press, its associated machines or equipment, the safeguarding, control interfaces, interconnections or the control system into a press. See also, supplier.
3.24 intensification: Pressure increase that is inversely proportional to the area ratios of a cylinder. Intensification can develop pressures several times higher than what can be developed by the pump.
3.25 interlock: A means or device that allows a hazardous condition to exist only when a predetermined set of conditions are met.
3.26 manual: The operation of the press that requires the operator to initiate and maintain motion of each press component during the cycle or a portion of the cycle by the use of the actuating means.
3.27 manufacturer: Any supplier that designs, manufactures or assembles a press. See also, supplier.
3.28 mode selector: One or more means used to establish the press mode.
3.29 modification: To make a change to the press that changes its original purpose, function, capacity, operation or safeguarding requirements.
NOTE – For the purposes of this standard, “modification” includes any effects that the changes have on other portions of the press including safeguarding, not directly a part of the modification.

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