ANSI B11 STD B11.20-2004 pdf download

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ANSI B11 STD B11.20-2004 pdf download Safety Requirements for Integrated Manufacturing Systems
3.30 interlocked barrier guard: A fixed or movable barrier or section of a barrier provided with an interlock arranged to prevent entry into the hazard area [zone] when the barrier or the section of the barrier is in the closed position.
3.31 local control: A mode that provides the operator with direct control of machines and related equipment or cells within the machinery system.
3.32 lockout/tagout: The placement of a lock, tag or both on the energy isolating device (e.g. disconnecting means) in the de-energized condition indicating that the energy isolating device or the equipment being controlled shall not be operated until the removal of the lock/tag.
3.33 manufacturer: See supplier.
3.34 material handling system: A system which will take parts from the load/unload area, deliver them to the proper work station for processing and return them to a load/unload area without human intervention.
3.35 mode: The operation of a machine or machinery system as determined by the state or condition of the control system. Specific operating modes are defined in the B1 1 base standards and may include the following examples:
3.35.1 automatic mode: An operating mode that produces continuous cycling, automatically initiated single cycles, or intermittent continuous cycling on an automatic basis.
3.35.2 continuous mode: Continuous cycling, initiated by an operator, and maintained by the machine control system, without further operator interaction.
3.43.3 jog/inch mode: To impart motion by momentary manual operation of the jog/inch control device.
3.35.4 manual mode: Any operating mode of the machine that requires the operator to initiate and/or maintain motion of the machine during the cycle, or portion of the cycle, by use of the actuating control.
3.35.5 normal operation: The operating condition where the machine or production system performs the intended production function(s).
3.35.6 run mode: The operating modes, whether automatic or manual that are used for production operations on a machine. 3.35.7 semi-automatic mode: The operating mode that requires one or more control actions by the operator per machine cycle.

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