ANSI/BHMA A156.10-2011 pdf download

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ANSI/BHMA A156.10-2011 pdf free download.Power Operated Pedestrian Doors.I’m not sure whether the content of this standard is complete. The resource is shared by a netizen. Here is a brief introduction to the standard.
1.1 Scope
Requirements in this Standard apply to power operated doors for pedestrian use which open automatically when approached by pedestrians and some small vehicular traffic or by a knowing act. Included are provisions to reduce the chance of user injury or entrapment. Power operated doors for industrial or trained traffic are not covered in this Standard.
1.1.1 Where this Standard contains specifications relating to minimum or maximum dimensions of various components of power operated doors for pedestrian use and some small vehicular traffic, such dimensions are included to provide user protection for what are, in the industry, standard application conditions. This Standard does not apply to custom installations.
1.2 ANSI/BHMA A156.10-2011 does not apply to power assist and low energy power operated doors. Refer to ANSIJBHMA A 156.19 for Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors.
1.3 Required dimensions are expressed in US units first; approximate metric equivalents follow in parentheses. The following is a conversion chart for inches to approximate mm equivalents where not given in the standard.
1.7 Doors used as fire doors or smoke barriers have additional requirements not covered in this standard.
1.8 Where required by the authority having jurisdiction, products meeting the requirements of this Standard are required to comply with UL 325-Fifth Edition June 2002, and be listed or labeled by a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory and be under a periodic examination service.
1.9 Tests described in paragraphs 7.6 and 12 shall he performed under the supervision of a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory on preproduction samples prior to acceptance of the design for production and subsequent installation. Production units shall be under an in-plant follow-up inspection service.
2.1 Active Area The area where a sensor or control mat detects presence or motion.
2.2 Activating Zone An area created by a sensor or control mat such that the door will open when
the area is entered by (a) person(s).
2.3 Activating Zone, Secondary An area created by a sensor or control mat such that the door will
reactivate or reverse and remain active until the door is almost closed.
2.4 Automatic Door Operator A power operated mechanism that is attached to a door for the
purpose of mechanically opening and closing a door upon the receipt of an activating signal.
2.5 Back Check The checking or slowing down of the speed of door opening before being fully
opened. (Also called Open Check.)
2.6 Balanced Door A door equipped with a hinge which moves the hinge pivot point from the hinge
stile of the door towards the centerline of the door.
2.7 Break Away Device A safety device other than an exit device that permits egress under
emergency conditions. (Also called Emergency Release.).
2.8 Break Out The process of activating a break away device causing the door or panel to swing in
the direction of egress.
2.9 Center Pivoted A door which has the pivot point of the hinge located on the centerline of the
door thickness.ANSI/BHMA A156.10-2011 pdf download.

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