ANSI INFOCOMM-3M-2011 pdf download

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ANSI INFOCOMM-3M-2011 pdf download Projected Image System Contrast Ratio
1. Scope, Purpose, and Application
This Standard addresses the image contrast ratio of display systems typically used in presentation environments utilizing front and rear projection. Although these methodologies and procedures can be applied to many display system types and applications, this Standard pertains to audiovisual presentation systems including permanently installed systems and live events. This Standard is limited to image contrast ratio measurements and does not include testing and measurement of related display factors such as display luminance, image size, display resolution, or other factors relating to the overall performance of the projected image.
This Standard does not use any kind of on/off or sequential tests, typically found in sales specifications and brochures. Measurement is of contrast achievable on the same image at the same time using a 1 6-zone black-and-white intra-frame (checkerboard) test pattern.
Purpose The purpose of this Standard is to define acceptable minimum contrast ratios for projected images, relative to their stated purpose or application. By defining the projected image system contrast ratio and providing suitable measurement and reporting methodologies, metrics for system specification and verification can be applied. The contrast ratios defined in this document comprise a combined output of a “projected image system,” defined within the Standard as a projector, projection screen, and the impact of ambient light.
The term “contrast” is further qualified as “projected image system contrast ratio” (PISCR) because the individual performance factors of the projector and screen are only contributory factors to the delivered contrast ratio of the installed system. It is also termed as “system” contrast ratio because the maximum contrast ratio a projector and screen can deliver is ultimately affected and thus determined by ambient light.

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