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ASTM D5276-19 pdf free download. Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded Containers by Free Fall.
ASTM D5276-19 covers procedures for the drop testing of loaded boxes, cylindrical containers, and bags and sacks by the free-fall method.
6. Sampling
6.1 The test specimens and number of samples shall be chosen to permit an adequate determination of representative performance. Practice El 22 is recommended. Unless otherwise specified. TAPPI T 400 shall be used for acceptance testing of fiberboard containers.
6.2 In the absence of any sampling plan, at least three representative specimens should he selected fbr performance evaluation.
7. Test Specimens
7.1 When the protective capability of a container is to he evaluated, it is preferable to pack the container with the actual contents for which it was designed (Note 2). When the capability of a container to withstand rough handling is to be evaluated. pack the container with either the actual contents or a load simulating the contents. Regardless of which procedure is used, close the container in the same manner that will be used in preparing it for shipment.
8. Procedure
8.1 Identify members as specified in Annex A I. by marking, at a minimum, Faces 1, 2, and 5 of rectangular containers; Positions 1. 3. 5. and 7 of cylindrical containers; and Faces 1, 4, and 5 of sacks and bags.
8.2 Height of Drop—Determine the height of the drop by measuring from the bottom face, edge, or corner of the container to the impact surface.
8.3 Unless otherwise specified. establish failure criteria prior to the commencement of testing. (Sec Practice D4169, Acceptance Criteria.)
8.4 Test containers that have been conditioned in the conditioned atmosphere or immediately upon removal from that atmosphere.
8.5 Conduct drop test procedures by dropping the container on either one member or several different memhers in a prescribed sequence (cyclical testing).
8.5.1 When the container is to he dropped flat on a face, position it so that. Upon impact, there is no more than a 2° angIe between the plane of this face and the impact surface.ASTM D5276-19 pdf download.

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